Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

This has been a concern for quite a while now. Is it really a fact or just plain old myth that needs to be debunked? Hearing aids are designed to help hearing loss, and every dispenser is fitted properly by an audiologist to the right amplification for the patient. Even though hearing aids have noise limiting features, it does not give an individual the ability to be around any amount of noise without concern for noise-induced hearing loss. The best way to avoid any problems with your hearing aid is familiarizing the proper utilization of the device. Here are some of the guides you can follow on using the hearing aid:

  • You have to review the guide to find out how your specific model works. This will also tell you if there are any special functions of which you need to be aware.
  • There are a lot of considerations before using the device, battery placement is one of the cases and placing it correctly is a must. The ear-dome piece must also be considered when placed into the ear canal. You must also check your comfort with the device by inserting and removing it repeatedly. Hearing aids have an indication whether it is for the left ear or the right ear, usually through color coding. This may sound simple, but it is critical since hearing aids are only useful when in the correct ear.
  • Make sure you get used to your device in your own home environment by listening to the normal household sounds by which you can identify and familiarize the everyday sound. This will help you get used to some annoying sounds, such as the appliances or the slamming of the door. It is also advisable to practice active listening to conversations in different locations of your house or wherever you are may be indoor or outdoor.
  • Make sure to have a proper hygiene for the device. If the device gets moist it affects the functionality or worse it might cause the device to malfunction. This comes with a drying container that will keep the moisture from building up inside and will definitely lengthen the life of the device. Also, make sure to remove the batteries before keeping the hearing aids back into its storage containers.
  • There are also background sounds that you might want to check. One example of which is a hissing sound. This sound can be heard from the hearing aid itself. This usually occurs when amplified sound comes out from the device and goes back inside the microphone. An indicator that the device is seated properly is when you won’t hear any feedbacks once seated in your ear. One cause of feedback is also moist, if there’s too much earwax or maybe the device is too small which needs to be replaced.

Regular visits to the professionals are important for hearing testing; this is to verify the performance of the device, and to make necessary adjustments. While hearing aids, when worn and operated properly, do not cause additional hearing loss, it is necessary to make continued adjustments with your audiologist to ensure proper usage. Call Beltone DFW today at (888) 958-8432 to be fitted for your hearing aids.