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Beltone Origin™ Hearing Aids

Beltone OriginBeltone Origin hearing aids are designed to make advanced hearing technology available to a wide range of people who can benefit from hearing assistance. The Beltone Origin line delivers excellent sound quality, reliability, comfort, and ease of use—all rolled into an attractively-priced product. And, Beltone Origin comes in a style that’s right for most hearing needs and cosmetic preferences.

Choose from a wide selection of models in all power levels, and in a range of colors to match most skin tones and hair colors.

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The Beltone Origin hearing aid bring you advanced digital features designed to help you get more out of life, wherever it takes you.

  • Directionality – Focus on speech when and where you want to, while making background noise less distracting.
  • Feedback Management – Helps eliminate annoying whistling and buzzing so sound quality is clean and clear.
  • HPF80 NanoBlock – Beltone’s industry-leading HPF80 NanoBlock protects hearing aids from dirt and moisture, inside and out. This microscopic coating helps extend the life of your hearing aids, and keeps them performing at their best.
  • Auto Phone option – When you pick up the phone, Beltone Origin automatically switches to a telephone program to keep the conversation clear.

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