Beltone Digital Hearing Aids | Beltone Trust™

Beltone Trust, the Breakthrough Innovation in Hearing Aids

When you have hearing loss, you need a companion to help you rediscover the vividness of life through hearing – and that companion can be the Beltone Trust.

Enter the Beltone Trust – a breakthrough innovation in the hearing aid industry. Beltone Trust is more than just a hearing aid. It is designed to offer you a more comfortable and enjoyable hearing experience! Here’s why:

Designed for a More Natural Hearing Experience

Beltone Trust™ hearing aids are patented to provide you with a more natural hearing experience. These unique features allow Beltone Trust™ to restore binaural hearing – the way your ears naturally communicate with your brain.

  • Personal Sound ID™
    Restores the natural sound level differences between your ears. More importantly, this feature can mimic your ears’ natural way of collecting and processing sounds, giving you a better personal hearing experience.

  • CrossLink Directionality 2
    It helps you identify the direction of sounds. Locating sounds can help you in certain circumstances, like detecting the origin of an approaching car to avoid it. Aside from that, it monitors your environment and automatically switches its settings to clearly hear natural speech.

Full Control in Your Fingertips

Wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to control your hearing aid settings wherever you go and whenever you need to? Beltone Trust™ gives you control at your fingertips. You can change your hearing aid settings or schedule an appointment with your audiologist without leaving your house. What makes this possible?

  • Beltone Trust Remote Care

    Remote Care™
    Allow your hearing care professional to communicate with your hearing aids to change settings, preferences, and more wherever you are. Remote Care™ is the pioneer in the industry for this kind of accessibility, which helps connect the patients with their hearing care professionals without the need for an office visit.

  • Direct Audio Streaming

    Direct Audio Streaming
    It is available for iPhone users. This feature transmits calls wirelessly, streams your favorite music from your iPhone, and allows you to listen to GPS voice directions without using any kind of adapters!

  • HearMax App

    Hear Max App
    Control your hearing aid settings conveniently in the palm of your hand. With this app, you’ll enjoy the versatility of adjusting volume, listening programs, and much more with your mobile device.

Superb Adaptability

Beltone Trust™ hearing aids provide you with great hearing quality under any circumstance by automatically adapting to your surroundings!

  • Smart Gain Pro

    Smart Gain Pro™
    This feature adjusts the volume of your Beltone Trust™ hearing aids automatically to adapt to changes in your environment so you always have great hearing.

  • Ear to Ear Synchronization

    Ear to Ear Synchronization™
    Applies the program and the volume changes between your hearing aids. With the sound and volume synchronized on both ears, you’ll experience a very smooth transition of sounds when shifting environments without the need to change your settings.

  • Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop

    Feedback Eraser with Whistlestop™
    Cancels any feedback and annoying background noises like whistling. Moreover, it won’t affect the sound quality that you are receiving.

Rechargeable Batteries for Sustained Hearing

Enjoy better hearing, for longer periods of time with Beltone Trust, which are compatible with ZPower rechargeable batteries. These batteries may be charged while you are sleeping at night, and only take 2-4 hours to refuel. No more hassle of having to stock up on batteries keeps you engaged in surroundings.

Be Impressed with the Best

Aside from these built-in features, what makes Beltone Trust™ hearing aids unique from the rest? Beltone Trust™ is small, built to last, and virtually invisible. They are compatible with rechargeable batteries that only need an annual replacement. Additionally, it is coated with HPF NanoBlock coating, so you’ll never have to worry about your hearing aids acquiring dirt and moisture. The coating will repel it all!

Imagine rediscovering a world of hearing because of a tiny friend worn in your ears! If Beltone Trust™ hearing aids sound like the solution that you’ve been searching for, give us a call today at (888) 958-8432 to take your first step towards better hearing and a better quality of life.