Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Capability

  1. Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

Technology has come a long way since the days when it was often difficult or impossible to listen to personal audio devices like MP3 players or mobile phones with hearing aids in. Today, Beltone Dallas Fort Worth offers selections outfitted with Beltone hearing aid technology that allows for Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, the selections available from Beltone with Bluetooth capability are attractive and designed to meet a wide variety of hearing needs and personal preferences.

What Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth is a type of wireless communication platform used to exchange data between mobile and fixed devices over short distances without the need for wires or cables. Bluetooth hearing aids are designed to use this technology to give the wearer more possibilities with how sound is amplified from various audio sources.

How Do These Beltone Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing devices designed with this technology in mind allow wearers to stream calls and audio from mobile devices to Beltone Bluetooth hearing aids. These hearing aids can also be used to link hearing aids to other Bluetooth-enable devices, including “smart” TVs and similar electronics. In fact, Bluetooth hearing aids give you the option to stream sound from practically any audio source to create an appealing, customized, and enjoyable listening experience.

What Are the Benefits of Using Bluetooth-Capable Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth-capable hearing aids from Beltone can be used when directly connecting to your preferred audio source or using an additional device to connect. Some of the top benefits of wearing hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities include:

  • A truly customized listening experience: With Bluetooth-capable hearing aids, you can adjust volume and other settings. Some hearing aids can even act as wireless earbuds when you prefer to listen to music.
  • Multiple connection options: A streamer can be used to connect to multiple devices so you can conveniently switch from one device to another. For instance, you can remain connected to your mobile phone if you receive a call while streaming a movie from another device.
  • Remote control and other features: It’s common for some types of Bluetooth-compatible hearing aids to have remote control options so that volume and other settings can be quickly and conveniently adjusted.

What Bluetooth Hearing Aid Options Are Available from Beltone?

Beltone offers many top-quality hearing aid selections with Bluetooth connectivity. This includes selections for Apple (iOS) and Android devices. Beltone Imagine™, Beltone Amaze™, Beltone First™, and Beltone Trust™ are just some of the many Beltone hearing aids with enhanced audio connectivity capabilities. Beltone HearMax™ and Beltone HearPlus™ apps can be used to further personalize the hearing experience with various audio-based devices.

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