3 Types of Hearing Loss | What Are the Causes?

Many people suffer from a loss of hearing. Fortunately, if you are finding it hard to hear certain noises or have a hard time catching all of the words in a conversation, our hearing specialists can fit you with hearing aids that will bring back many of the sounds you have been missing out on.

Sometimes it helps to understand why you can’t hear as clearly as you used to. All forms of hearing loss can be placed into one of two categories. The three types of hearing loss are Conductive Hearing LossSensorineural Hearing Loss/Nerve Deafness, and Mixed Hearing Loss. By determining which category your loss of hearing falls under, we will know best how to treat it.

Conductive Hearing Loss

Types of Hearing Loss - Conductive Hearing LossConductive hearing loss is often temporary and can often be corrected. Conductive loss stems from problems of the outer or middle ear and can be caused by:

  • Infection
  • Otosclerosis
  • Build-up of wax or fluid
  • Punctured eardrum

This type of hearing loss can be treated with wax removal, medicine, or surgery.

Sensorineural Hearing Loss/Nerve Deafness

Types of Hearing Loss - Sensorineural Hearing Loss

Of the two, this one is the most common form when it comes to a loss of hearing. Out of all of the documented adult hearing issues, 90 percent of the cases fall into the sensorineural category. It is caused by the normal aging process as well as excessive exposure to noise. You can expect the following issues when dealing with a sensorineural loss.

  • There are problems with the cochlea and the auditory nerve
  • Sounds not only diminish in volume, but become distorted.
  • High-frequency sounds and some spoken words are first to go.
  • Low-frequency sounds, such as vowels, are heard better.

Amplification created with hearing aids are a common form of treatment, but occasionally, surgery will be required. Discuss your options with one of our hearing care specialists to determine what action should be taken.

Mixed Hearing Loss

Both conductive and sensorineural losses occurring at the same time is also known as mixed hearing loss.

Contact Beltone Dallas Fort Worth by calling 888-958-8432 to make an appointment with one of our hearing care specialists if you are experiencing a loss of hearing. We will help you determine the cause and how to best treat the problem. In time, you will be able to once again enjoy the conversation and sounds that you have been missing out on lately.