Hearing Loss Myths

  1. Hearing Loss Myths

Approximately 20 percent of America’s population have hearing loss. In fact, it’s estimated that over 48 million people, of various ages, are living with some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss happens has a variety of causes; some temporary and others permanent.

Sadly, a lot of people ignore their hearing loss out of embarrassment. They pretend nothing is wrong and continue to make lifestyle changes to adapt. There are also a lot of myths about hearing aids, which also prevents people from getting help.

Myths aside, even if you’re feeling apprehensive, you need a proper diagnosis and treatment to get back to living the life you want.

Here are three of the most common myths and facts associated with hearing loss and hearing aids.

Treating Hearing Loss is Useless

Proper hearing care starts with diagnosis. The problem is, there’s still a stigma around treating a loss of hearing and wearing a hearing aid. Some may think that treatment for hearing loss is useless and that it won’t restore hearing back to normal levels.

Hearing Aids Are Noticeable

Previously, hearing aids were big and bulky, which made them hard to hide. People who felt ashamed of their hearing loss often avoided receiving treatment. Now, hearing aids are designed to fit snugly inside the ear, virtually undetectable.

Hearing Aids Make You Old

This is probably the silliest myth of all. Hearing loss really has nothing to do with your age. Yes, older adults can experience hearing loss, however, people of ages can suffer from a reduction in hearing.

In fact, some people are born deaf. Using a hearing aid doesn’t make you old. It does make you someone who is taking charge of their health, not wanting to miss out on living simply because you need help hearing.

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Losing your hearing doesn’t need to take over your life. In fact, with many different types of hearing aids available, the only thing holding you back is reluctance. People lose their hearing for a multitude of reasons, so instead of letting it take over your life, make a point to take your life back.

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