Why a Hearing Test Should Be Part of Your Annual Physical

  1. Comprehensive Hearing Test

An annual physical is an essential key to achieving your health goals. Keeping your cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health within optimal ranges can help you feel great. It can also reduce your risk of future health conditions. One test that most physical exams omit is a hearing test.

Why Hearing Matters

Getting your heart or lungs checked might seem comparably important compared to having a hearing health assessment. After all, many people live without hearing but breathing and a heartbeat are signs of life. Hearing is critical to your health because hearing is necessary for survival. Staying attuned to the environment is helping whether you’re beating your path through the jungle or rush hour traffic. In fact, the sounds we hear are often the first warning sign of impending danger. Hearing is also necessary for communication since you adjust your speech according to what you are hearing.

Why and When Hearing Should Be Tested

Hearing loss often happens gradually over time. Some individuals experience long-term exposure to loud noises through their work environment or hobbies such as listening to music through earphones with the volume on high. Others have family members that tend to lose their hearing. Even if you have none of these risk factors, you need to have a comprehensive hearing health exam beginning at age 40.

What is Included in a Hearing Loss Test

A hearing test is a comprehensive assessment of how well your hearing meets your everyday need for hearing and should, therefore, be performed by a Doctor of Audiology. During this exam, you can expect many questions related to your job, your hobbies, or any other area of your life since hearing is so important to them all. Your doctor will also ask about any symptoms such as ringing in the ears or difficulty following conversations in noisy environments. Then, he or she will perform a variety of tests that include visually examining your ear, hearing through the air, hearing through vibrations sent through your skull bone, and discriminating between similar sounding words.

A hearing health assessment may seem like a bit of a hassle for two little ears. When, however, you consider all the beautiful things such as employment, music, or conversation that are only possible with hearing, protecting your hearing is worth it. Talk to your licensed audiologist to schedule a hearing assessment as soon as possible with Beltone DFW! Call us at (888) 958-8432 or use our online form to schedule your next hearing test.