How Does Hearing Loss Impact Relationships?

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Many are aware of hearing loss, but few really know the repercussions of this. What is known by most are that the consequences of this condition is the inability to experience sound in contrast to those without this impairment.

What many do not realize is the possible impacts this could have on our social life and more specifically, our relationships with other people.

Effects of Hearing Loss To Our Social Life

The ability to communicate makes living much easier. When hearing loss is suddenly acquired by an individual, interacting doesn’t go as smooth and the receiving of information towards the impaired becomes hindered. Usually, the one with hearing loss will then have to frequently asked people to repeat what they said, possibly irritating them eventually.

Isolation and Depression – Many of those with this condition will choose to separate themselves from people due to negative past experiences with them caused by their inability to hear. Every human being is in need of contact of another person every now and then. If a person will excessively isolate themselves this can lead to a feeling of loneliness and depression.

Poor Work Performance – In most professions, the relaying of details and instructions from person to person is crucial work. You might just as easily misinterpret what is being told to them or might not hear it at all. This makes it harder to carry out tasks.

Deterioration in Marriage – Many marriages suffer because of hearing loss present in one or both partners. You may start to accuse each other of not listening or paying attention often. This results to a feeling of being ignored and eventually a feeling of love being lost.

How Can We Fix This?

There are many people with this condition who are still able to live happy and full lives, and still maintain great relationships with peers, friends and spouses.

Be Open About It – First accept your complication. The faster you get through this process and move past being in-denial, the quicker you’ll be able to resolve issues in your social life.

Then be open about it and in a kind manner, tell people that you have a difficulty in hearing. Make sure that they know you aren’t joking and are being serious. You’ll be surprised about how understanding and patient people actually are when they are made aware of this.

Ask Them Nicely – When you need them to speak louder or you want them to emphasize a word much better don’t be afraid to do so, so as long as you ask nicely. Make sure the volume of your voice isn’t too high.

Knowing that you cannot hear well, people will adjust to your needs when you request them to do so with respect. It’s understandable that one with acquired hearing loss can get frustrated every now and then but it’s important to keep a cool head.

Medical Options – The most common treatment for this would be hearing aids. These are prescribed to you by a healthcare professional if you are suited for it. It’s important to take a visit to your ENT or audiologist for a check-up so they can diagnose you and recommend you the appropriate remedy.

Hearing aids give people a chance to hear much better again, though in more severe cases surgeries are required. For quality ones sure to fit your lifestyle, see a specialist at Beltone DFW. Book an appointment by calling (888) 958-8432.