How Headphones Can Damage Your Hearing

  1. Beltone DFW | Headphones

There are a few different contributors when it comes to hearing loss. One of the most overlooked causes would be the use of headphones or earbuds. Earbuds can be seen as damaging because of its closer location to your eardrum, however any regular headphones played at a significant volume and length of time, can cause just as much damage.

Whether you listen to music, the news, or a podcast, utilizing headphones can impact your hearing. Loud and persistent noises damage the eardrum or inner ear. Once the eardrum cells or cochlea are damaged, they may never recover. Here are a few signs or symptoms of hearing damage:

  • Ringing in the ears
  • Sensitivity to sounds
  • Speech and other sounds are muffled
  • Consistent need to turn volume up on television or audio device

Removing headphones from your life completely will not be necessary. What you want to do first is pay attention to the volume whenever you listening to anything. Some people have construction jobs for instance with loud jackhammers or loud noises occurring throughout the day. If this is you, pay attention to how long you have to listen to those particular noises and take breaks when necessary to control the length. To counteract headphone-related hearing loss, simply turn your headphone volume down to about 60 – 70%. Doctors have suggested implementing the 60/60 rule, which would mean no volume higher than 60% and no loud noises or volume longer than 60 minutes. These simple steps can help with protecting your ear damage significantly.