How Hearing Aids Can Help with Speech

  1. How Hearing Aids Can Help with Speech

Hearing and speech share a special connection. This is especially true for young people, whose speech development can be predicated on repeating the many sounds they hear. Hearing loss can have a significantly adverse impact on speech. Fortunately, usage of a hearing aid might be able to help stricken individuals overcome this issue and still speak clearly and eloquently.

Beltone Dallas Fort Worth, a company dedicated to hearing care, invites our current and prospective customers to read the following short blog regarding how hearing aids might help those afflicted with hearing loss maintain an adequate level of speech.

How Hearing Aids Work?

Hearing damage typically arises from damage or diseased cells inside the ear. Hearing aids work by stimulating the sound vibrations that enter the ear. When such vibrations are loud and powerful enough, they transmit signals to the brain. In turn, the brain then converts these vibrations into the common sounds we hear such as music and voices.

Speech Comprehension

Individuals possessing a greater ability to hear also often have an increased capacity to translate skills into speech. The capability to hear sounds and words more effectively typically enable people to speak with greater clarity and authority.


Naturally, when individuals possess superior audible capabilities, they often communicate more efficiently. The ability to process and understand sounds can boost the communication skills of persons formerly struggling with such issues. This new found confidence can lead to individuals overcoming fear and isolation to achieve greater professional and social successes.

Cognitive Functions

Those with a regained ability to hear may experience a marked improvement in cognitive skills such as concentration and memory. Hearing is a sense that stimulates one’s ability to gain a greater cognizance of immediate surroundings. When that awareness is at its peak, important cognitive brain functions may also be heightened.

This theory has been examined during a recent scientific study conducted by hearing experts representing the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). These scientists examined the impact hearing aids exerted over subjects in their fifties and sixties who sustained hearing difficulties as an adult. Examiners found that, after using hearing aids for only two weeks, said subjects exhibited increased word comprehension skills, as well as the ability to process sounds and information with greater expediency.

Fewer Ripple Effects

Those who use hearing aids are also believed to be less stricken with ripple effect-issues like anxiety and depression. Given that hearing devices improve the audio skills of an individual, they feel more willing to contribute to conversations, partake in various social situations and experience fewer incidents of isolation.

Contacting Us

If you or a loved one has experienced hearing loss that has impacted speech, please contact us at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth. Our hearing care center is staffed with trained professionals who can offer a thorough examination and fit you with a hearing aid that may help you overcome these issues.