How Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Quality of Life

  1. Hearing Aids Help

More than 35 million adults and children in the US have various degrees of hearing loss. And the loss of hearing can have a negative impact on all areas of a person’s life. But it’s possible to have hearing loss while continuing to live an active and happy life. Here are some benefits that hearing aids can offer.

Build Self-Esteem

Some people with hearing loss sometimes feel embarrassed. They might feel insecure about asking people to repeat themselves. Or they might feel insecure over the fact they just can’t hear as well as most people. These feelings can cause a person to feel like they’re just not good enough. But people with hearing aids have improved self-confidence. They feel better about themselves, which results in higher self-esteem.

Slow Age-Related Cognitive Decline

Long-term research shows that hearing aids can reduce cognitive decline in older adults. People with hearing loss were subjected to a memory test. The test scored their ability to remember information before and after they started wearing hearing aids. Before the use of hearing aids, participants remembered 0.1 fewer words on the test per year. After the group started using hearing aids, they remembered 0.02 fewer words per year. It’s believed that hearing aids can significantly reduce cognitive-related illnesses in older adults.

Improve Relationship with Significant Other

In order to build or maintain a healthy relationship, good communication is important. But when hearing loss is an issue, communicating can become a problem. A 2007 survey by the American Speech Language Hearing Association revealed that hearing loss can negatively affect personal relationships. Thirty-five percent of survey participants said that hearing loss most negatively affected their intimate relationships. Hearing aids can make it easier for couples to communicate, and maintain a healthy relationship.

Reduce Depression

People who wear hearing aids report lower levels of depression when compared to hearing-loss patients who don’t wear hearing aids. Those with hearing aids also display fewer symptoms associated with depression. Hearing aid wearers also displayed increased emotional stability. It’s believed that hearing aids help wearers maintain or develop a positive outlook on life.

Improving Your Hearing, Improve Your Life

Hearing aids can help you maintain your way of life. You don’t have to let hearing loss ruin your health, fun, or happiness. Take time to find a hearing aid that works well and fits comfortably. Regaining the ability to hear well and communicate is well worth the effort. For more information about hearing aids, call (888) 958-8432.