How Hearing Loss Affects Communication

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Hearing loss is a significant issue in the United States. Statistics compiled by the National Institute of Health reveal that roughly 20 percent of America’s population age 12 and older has some form of diminished audio capacity. Hearing is vital to optimal communication and those who experience it often have difficulty expressing themselves effectively.

At Beltone Dallas Fort Worth, a North Texas-based hearing company, we invite you to read this brief piece discussing how hearing loss impacts an individual’s communications and the techniques that can be employed to overcome these issues.

Ways In Which Hearing Loss Impacts One’s Communication Skills

Difficulty Participating In Conversations

People with hearing loss may experience difficulty hearing, understanding or participating in conversations. They might only hear a part of what someone said or misinterpret words. In many instances, this will necessitate them to ask for clarification or respond in a manner that baffles their conversational partners. Over time, this could lead to confusion, frustration and anger that might eventually cause the person with hearing loss to completely withdraw from social settings.

The Inability To Hear Common Sounds

Sometimes, hearing loss might limit an individual’s ability to hear common sounds like doorbells or telephone rings. Ergo, individuals might miss important communications. Moreover, hearing voices during phone conversations might also prove challenging.

Pitfalls Of Not Seeking Treatment

Individuals with hearing loss are strongly encouraged to seek immediate evaluation from a hearing specialist. Hearing loss can be caused by a variety of reversible and non-reversible causes. That said, even the most correctible precipitating factor will not improve unless the  condition is properly diagnosed and treated. Furthermore, progressive and degenerative ailments will only worsen over time.

Treating Diminished Hearing

The specific treatment options will depend upon factors like the patient’s age, general health, the specific underlying condition precipitating those with hearing loss. Fortunately, however, several therapeutic protocols might eliminate or at least help maintain some semblance of audio capacity. Potential remedial options include:


If hearing loss is precipitated by some type of infection or other treatable ailment, medications that eradicate or control said conditions might bring about improved hearing abilities.


Sometimes, decreased hearing is caused by bone or tissue abnormalities in various ear components. In such cases, surgical intervention to remediate said defects may produce improved hearing quality.

Hearing Aids

For certain individuals, especially those who are diagnosed with a progressive, irreversible hearing loss, a hearing aid might be the most suitable option.

Contacting Us

If you or a loved one is coping with hearing loss, we urge you to contact us. Our team of professionally trained hearing specialists can perform a thorough audio examination. Should an issue be detected, the staff at Beltone DFW can suggest the most appropriate treatment option.