How Hearing Loss And Falling Are Related

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Hearing loss can be very frustrating as it impedes you from interacting with others and makes it much harder to absorb information. As annoying as this can be, this isn’t the only consequence that comes with this an impairment in perceiving sound. This has also been associated to other complications, including imbalance in a person.

Many don’t seem to have ever thought of losing their balance to be much of a problem as they might not ever see themselves in terrifying scenarios portrayed in movies where the subject must steadily cross a very narrow path. Failure to do so would mean a deadly thousand foot drop. But the plight of imbalance in everyday life is made real thru hearing loss.

How Does Hearing Loss Increase The Likelihood of Falling?

For someone to achieve balance certain elements of the body are utilized. Your eyes provides visual indicators that tell you the state of your surroundings in association to your location and equilibrium.

The condition of your muscles may reveal how it’s doing in terms of keeping your balance. Are you using only one foot to carry all your weight or both your feet?  The pressure on a certain muscles could also tell you that your leaning towards a direction.

The vestibular is a system whose purpose is to maintain balance and aids in how our physiology copes up with the environment. This can be found inside our ears, which is more reason you should take care of them. Damage inside your auditory system could also mean it has spread to your vestibular system.

An impaired vestibular leads to a person finding it much harder to maintain stability. The more severe the hearing loss, the more it affects your ability to stay balanced.

Listen To The Research

Some of you may find it hard to actually accept the idea of how components in charge of the equilibrium of the body is situated within the ear, but there are researches to back this up.

With subjects from the ages of 40 to 69, and investigation was made which revealed that for every 10 decibels of hearing that is lost, your chances of outbalancing yourself increase by 140%.


A study done on individuals who are hard at hearing were made to balance themselves on a variety of surfaces that would put them to the test. It showed that hearing aids produced better than results in contrast to when they hadn’t used them.

This not only provides us with the findings of a method of treatment but also more in-depth link towards hearing and balance. It seems that the vestibular system is not located in the inner ear merely for storage. It may rely on our capacity to hear but we’ve yet to establish how this is.

Though falling may indeed be dangerous, that does not mean that we should fear it so much when we experience hearing loss. Many times a loss in hearing are actually caused by reversible and temporary factors such as a build-up of earwax. Even if it were permanent, hearing aids could help address this. For more tips on how to preserve your hearing, call Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432.