How Hearing Loss Can Lead To Depression

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First termed as “melancholia,” this is a mental illness that has been recorded for ages. Prior to the modern medical era, it was thought that this condition was caused by the possession of demons. Instead of psychiatrists, priests were called on to heal those experiencing this.

Fast forward to the twenty-first century, it is well known that this is a complication of the mind. Many things can cause this but there is an alarming link between hearing loss and depression, according to research. This may shed some light on how to deal with an impairment in perceiving sound so that this does not develop into the latter.

Symptoms of Depression

The severity of depression may vary between people but according to statistics, an upwards of 300 million people acquire this within their lifetime. When this happens, it will differ from person to person.

  • Sadness – This may not always be clear as some may try to hide it. There are subtle ways that this may show if you are keen enough. For example, their smiles may not seem genuine, and they may insert “cries for help” within your conversation. However, they may try and deny this.
  • Irregular Diet – This may come in versions that are both at each end of the scale. Some may eat large amounts of food and gain lots of weight, while others will hardly eat anything and get very thin in the process. There are also those whose alcohol intake or vice usage increases dramatically as they try to escape their emotions thru these.
  • Unusual Sleeping Pattern – Like the former these come as two opposite kinds. Others will have insomnia as they find it hard to resign to slumber. On the other hand, there are those who resign to it all too well and can sleep for an excessive amount of hours. Although whether they had more than enough sleep or not, they share the same attribute which is being fatigued.
  • Cannot Concentrate – Their minds seem incapable of keeping their attention on things which in turn also affects their ability to make decisions.
  • Suicidal Thoughts – This is the scariest symptom that accompanies this condition which is why this should be taken seriously and a person with this should be cared for immediately.

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Hearing Loss To Depression

So what do your ears have which may lead a person to depression? Thru our auditory system, we are able to hear sounds. With this ability, we are then enabled to converse with others and socialize with them. Companionship with human beings aside from yourself is part of our nature. If a person were to suddenly have this capacity to listen be taken away, then they may find it harder to speak with their peers.

The much harder process of interacting may then lead to isolation. Given that they are unable to hear anyway, it doesn’t make sense for some to try and mingle, especially for those who were ridiculed because of their auditory complication.

Fortunately, not everyone with a hearing disability obtains depression, but the numbers are still significant as 11% of them do.

Though this should be looked at as a serious matter, that doesn’t mean there’s anything for you to be scared. These can usually be treated via hearing aids by a visit to a healthcare professional. Those who should be startled are the people who don’t plan on getting checked despite having a hearing impairment. Schedule an appointment at a clinic that understands your needs. Call Beltone DFW today at (888) 958-8432.