How Is Hearing Loss and Memory Loss Related?

  1. Hearing Loss and Health

Hearing loss can be frustrating to those experiencing it and their loved ones. Recent studies have linked the condition to walking problems and dementia. Additionally, people who have hearing loss are most likely to experience thinking problems and memory loss. Hearing loss can affect people of all ages, although it affects older adults the most.

A study published in 2015 indicated that hearing aids could improve speech comprehension and the hearing of people suffering from hearing loss. Hearing aids can ultimately help protect brain health and deter cognitive decline. Here is the relationship between hearing loss and memory loss:

Your Brain May Experience Cognitive Overload When You Struggle to Hear

Stress is a common effect of hearing loss. When you struggle to hear, your brain often experiences a cognitive overload making it difficult to decipher what people say. Additionally, straining means that you do not have enough time to internalize and memorize the information that you have heard.

If your memory loss is severe, your brain will have to use many resources to divert other tasks so that you can understand easily.

Hearing Loss May Affect the Brain Structure Contributing to Cognitive Problems

Various studies done by experts indicate that older adults suffering from hearing loss have a smaller amount of gray matter in the part of their brains that processes and receives sounds from the ears. When this happens, it doesn’t mean that you are losing your brain cells. It means that some structures of your brain cells contract when they do not receive enough stimulation.

Experts have further disclosed that a modern hearing aid can help you get more precise speech signals, allowing the brain structures to revert to their previous functions and sizes.

Social Isolation Plays a Significant Role in Memory Loss

Social isolation plays a role in memory loss. If you are suffering from hearing loss, you are most likely to isolate yourself from others because it can be challenging to keep up with conversations. You may not want to meet up with friends or attend social gatherings because your hearing difficulty might make you irritable.

Health practitioners and experts agree that being socially isolated increases the risk of dementia and cognitive decline. Additionally, prolonged isolation can lead to depression, memory loss and may change the way your brain operates.

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