How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost?

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Hearing loss can occur due to illness, injury, or even sometimes for unknown reasons. AARP estimates that “there are nearly 30 million Americans with hearing loss, a condition that has been related to social isolation, loss of income and onset of dementia.” If you or a loved one is concerned about your hearing, a doctor can examine and diagnose any problems. A certified audiologist is an ear care health professional who utilizes a variety of tools to identify and then treat ear and balance problems in patients. When necessary, audiologists will also fit a hearing aid or other devices that assist in hearing function.

Patients seeking care should consider several factors when exploring their options. Our clinic staff can help you navigate the sometimes confusing field of hearing care.

How Much Does a Hearing Test Cost?

Hearing screenings in the US can cost as high as $250. Some insurance plans cover hearing healthcare either partially or fully. Occasionally, community health initiatives aim to offer free hearing tests for lower-income and/or uninsured individuals that cannot afford to visit an audiologist.

The cost of hearing screenings also depends on the amount of diagnostic work required. Occasionally, a doctor may order additional testing to be performed – for example, an MRI.

The hearing test is separate from any equipment purchased for treatment. In 2015, the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology approximated that the cost of a hearing aid is $2,300.

Many nonprofit organizations provide financial support for groups or individuals that require hearing care but do not have the economic means. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association has resources for identifying funding options in these situations. Those who require medical attention should never let economic considerations prevent them from accessing it.

What is Included During a Hearing Test?

The health provider will first ask about the patient’s history such as illnesses, etc. Then, he or she will physically examine the ear using special tools. The doctor looks at the ear canal to determine the way that audio waves travel through. Audiometry tests probe hearing ability at various decibel levels. Speech audiometry measures the patient’s response to verbal communication. Sometimes more advanced testing may be required.

Don’t hesitate to schedule a hearing exam with our clinic today. Taking action to protect or restore your ear health should never be postponed. Our friendly, skilled hearing care professionals are trained to deliver high-quality results for optimal ear function.