How To Clean Your Hearing Aids

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Those with hearing impairments have trouble recognizing sound in contrast to those with a healthy auditory system. They risk the consequence of being unable to interact with others properly, which often lead to isolation and depression.

Another possible repercussion would be a decline in their cognitive abilities which increase their chances of eventually leading to them developing mental illnesses. This is in fact supported by different studies, wherein subjects with a hearing disability are seen to have higher chances of acquiring dementia.

Hearing Aids

Fortunately for these people hearing aids often helps prevents the effects that come with a loss of hearing.

Hearing aids cannot cure this ailment, but rather it is a device that assists a person by amplifying sound as necessary. If an individual were to remove this instrument then they would again have a hard time perceiving any noise, depending on severity of the situation. Which is why it is advised that these be used whenever a conversation or a need to listen is expected.

Though the very first of its kind was invented centuries ago, modern versions are now available and are more better equipped with features and capabilities to better address the problems that accompany a present day hearing loss.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids

For most of those with hearing loss, these will be vital equipment for them to go about their day-to-day life. This makes cleaning them all the more important since this allows it to function at its best and prevent the possibility of it deteriorating at a faster rate.


You’ll be needing the proper tools to get this job done. Make sure you secure for yourself an ear wax pick and brush. These often come together upon purchase of the hearing aids, but if they don’t you may always acquire them from the appropriate clinics and specialists.


Eventually ear wax and other particles accumulate inside and around the holes of your device. Make sure to get rid of these elements with the use of your tools, while the holes are faced down so that they fall off instead of getting lodged further inside. Avoid using anything other than an ear wax pick as this could lead to damage. Though a soft toothbrush could make as a substitute for an ear wax brush.


The last thing you’ll want to do is wipe this with a dry towel. Do not using alcohol or any other chemical when cleaning these as it could do more harm than good. There are liquid cleaning agents available in the market that are suitable for these devices but make sure to check with an expert on this first.

Care of Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids won’t do well with excessive moisture so take them off when swimming or taking a shower. It would be best to keep them outside your bathroom or any other area that you could expect to get very humid.

A wise investment would be a dehumidifying container for your hearing aids so they can dry out and stay that way while you sleep.

Your hearing aid is a long-term investment that needs regular care from your part so you can get maximum benefits from it. For other issues and professional treatment, schedule a regular appointment with an audiologist at Beltone DFW. Call them at (888) 958-8432.