How To Eliminate Hearing Aid Feedback

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The feedback coming from your hearing aids are nothing short of annoying. Sometimes they may hinder you from performing well your in the middle of something due to the irritation and its effect on your focus.

What Is Feedback?

Feedback often comes as a whistling sound produced by your hearing aids. This is caused by sound they amplify and release into your ears but are picked up again by the receiver which then causes the maddening noise.

Manufacturers though did not choose to overlook this and has equipped their products with feedback cancelling features. It has proven to be effective but feedback still tend to happen sometimes. This could also be an indication of something wrong with your units so if these is a frequent incident then its best not to ignore it.

Eliminating Feedback

Depending on the cause, it can be reduced and even be completely removed. Try these tips:

Cleaning – It’s important to clean your devices daily or when necessary. An accumulation of substances and particles on your hearing aids could trigger a feedback. You can obtain the proper tools for this task from a healthcare professional but these usually come with your models.

See to it that it is also brought to a professional for a yearly for a professional maintenance and cleaning session. Nothing beats the services of an expert who is well skilled in the preservation of your listening devices.

Earwax Build-up – Your hearing aids aren’t the only things you must keep clean, but also your ears as a build-up of earwax may clog your ear canal and force sound to be reverted back to your device. You may end the clog by using an earwax softener or getting it removed by a specialist.

Wrong Fit – When your hearing aid is leaves an unnecessary gap with the opening of your ears then this may result to feedback. Make sure to take this back to the professional to have this refitted.

Damaged Hearing Aids – There could be several factors that have lead to this. It could be that you have not been cautious enough when cleaning it which lead to components being harmed. Whatever the reason you have no choice but to bring this in for a repair, or you might want to purchase a new one if the damage is irreversible.

Things To Avoid When Experiencing Feedback

Tapping Your Devices – I understand it can be frustrating when experiencing this ordeal, especially when it’s a recurring happening, and you may be tempted on tapping them or striking them in the hope of trying to get them to work better again while being able to vent out your anger. Though these were designed to last for years, unfortunately they aren’t made to withstand hits so its best to avoid this practice.

Opening Up and Fixing It Yourself – With the exemption of having both the necessary training and knowledge in fixing hearing aids, it would be best that you keep your tools from them. Some of us may be quite the handyman and enjoys fixing appliances and gadgets and have succeeded in doing so.

It goes without saying though that hearing aids are quite complex and are not similar to the common mechanisms found in a home. Be sure to contact a reliable audiologist for these cases. Set an appointment with one from Beltone DFW for peace of mind. Call us at (888) 958-8432.