How To Prepare For Your Hearing Health Before Retirement

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There are many of you now anticipating the chance to retire, to just lay back and relax  while looking forward to spending a whole day your grandchildren soon. You may be preparing for this significant phase of your life by getting you finances in order through purchasing a retirement plan, or maybe setting the date of a cruise you plan to go on.

Whatever agendas you’ve got in store for when you finally part from the workforce, you may have overlooked about preparing for your hearing health.


“Presbycusis” is hearing loss that occurs due to the natural deterioration of our auditory system as time passes by. This is inevitable for us all, though the severity of this differs from person to person. There are some who hear much better than than those who are younger than them. This all lies in how a person cares for their ears throughout their lives.

Excessive Noise

Presbycusis is a complication that is contributed by many factors, and one such factor would be noise. Now our ears may be designed to sense sound but it has a limit on the loudness of this. With today’s environment, it’s quite easy to be exposed to unhealthy amounts of noise.

Now you may most likely be at your 40’s or 50’s, but that does not mean it’s too late to start taking caution with what you hear. Do your best to stay away from very powerful noises. Those at a volume of 120 decibels and more induce immediate damage. Lower than this may also be harmful if it is listened to for lengthy periods.

Physical Health

Studies have shown that hearing loss is a condition that is linked to other physical illnesses of the human body. One notable association would that be of it to the cardiovascular system. It seems that a weak heart may possible result in a disability to perceive sound. This is because the inner ear greatly needs resources of blood for it to function properly. If blood flow is hindered then this segment of the auditory system is affected. Combat this by exercising routinely, specifically those such as jogging, swimming or biking.

Diabetes is another well-known sickness that is associated with a hearing impairment. So you best keep your sugar levels in check too. The truly best method to go about this is to incorporate a healthy lifestyle so that you keep your entire physiology in good state.

Financial Aspect

Now it’s important that you have allocated money for you to still have enough to cover all your living expenses for the rest of your life. However, taking care of your ears may also cost you cash. If your insurance plan does not cover these then it’s best you save up for it.

Hearing aids are devices that are prescribed to majority of those with hearing loss, including those with presbycusis. You should prepare a budget for these gadgets regardless of whether you’re sure you’ll be using them or not. It’s better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Your ears are part of how you interact with others and enjoy the many things in life, including movies, television, music and shows. Don’t take this for granted and take the proactive stance in safeguarding these. Your first defense is seeing a trusted audiologist. We always make sure ours are well-trained professionals who cater to their patients’ needs. Call us at Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432 to set an appointment.