Does Earwax Affect Your Hearing

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Hearing loss, aside from being inconvenient, has possible complications. Studies have shown that it may lead to depression and dementia. Though it’s not always the case, it does increase the risk of developing them.

Those trips to the club every weekend may be fun, but it isn’t doing your auditory system any good. However loud sounds aren’t the only thing we should look out for.

Impacted Cerumen

Earwax, technically known as “Cerumen,” is produced by glands to lubricate the ear canals and protect them from foreign particles and tiny organisms like bugs and insects. Usually, these things are self-cleaning, meaning they find their own way out. Professionals even advise patients to avoid cleaning their ears by themselves since they don’t need it.

Unfortunately, others place in cotton swabs, or other things that fit in, to get rid of the wax or scratch an itch inside. This may feel satisfying but know that this is what usually causes impacted cerumen or a build-up of earwax. What happens is the item they’re using pushes back the substance, creating an unusual accumulation of it.

Other cases may not be the fault of the person. All of us produce cerumen at a different rate, with some producing a lot more than most of us. At times, too much may be made, and the size of your ear canals might find this amount overwhelming and may lead to a blockage of earwax.


  • A feeling of fullness in the ears
  • Ringing or buzzing sound only you can hear. This is medically referred to as “tinnitus.”
  • Total or partial hearing loss. This is usually temporary and disappears after the build-up is removed.
  • Pain in the ears

What To Do?

When this happens, the best thing to do is head to your ENT to have this mass of earwax removed. They have the ability and tools to do this safely without harming any auditory components.

There are remedies you may do at home, but nothing beats having a trained professional handle this.

Earwax Softener

You may purchase these over-the-counter products at your nearest pharmacy. Follow the instructions when you administer this on your own.

Ear Irrigation

Purchase a kit for this at the nearest pharmacy. Do not use similar instruments but not meant for the ear because these may be too powerful and may end up causing damage. Avoid doing this if you have injury within, such as ruptured eardrums since it may result into an infection.

There are parts of your ear that can be delicate and once harmed, could lead to permanent hearing loss so always be careful with them. Majority of the time, it’s only temporary and will be gone after a while. If it persists, or if you suspect it to be something serious then you can always visit the appropriate healthcare professional. Beltone DFW would be happy to cater to your hearing concerns. Call us at (888) 958-8432.