Keep Your Memory Sharp by Caring for Your Hearing

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Some degree of hearing loss is a natural part of aging. However when individuals suffer from more extreme levels of hearing loss, they often have other symptoms that affect their bodies. Things such as poor balance, anxiety, and even memory loss.

Because of the slow rate of hearing loss, age-related memory loss usually sets in by the time someone notices a loss in hearing. However, there is evidence that comprehensive hearing care can also help with memory loss. A study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society shows that the use of a hearing aid can reduce the rate of cognitive decline by as much as 75%. These results are surprising because it had previously been believed that mental decline is inevitable and irreversible.

Another reason hearing loss can be associated with mental decline is that often, those suffering from hearing loss lose social stimulation. The use of a hearing aid helps an individual suffering from hearing loss feel more confident in spending time out in social situations.

More likely than not, it is a combination physical and social stimulation of the brain that helps improve mental decline. The results of these studies are interesting but not yet conclusive since more studies need to be done. Additional studies are needed to confirm the results of these studies but also to confirm the actual cause of the effect. It is also conceivable that future studies may demonstrate age-related mental decline can actually be reversed by hearing care that corrects loss of hearing.

These results are interesting even if not yet fully confirmed. They do however offer hope not only to those who have suffered mental decline, but they also suggest in a way everybody in the first place. This is important to everyone have as they get older and you can see old age in the horizon. To learn more about how hearing loss can help you avoid mental decline, contact the team at Beltone DFW today.