The Latest Advances In Hearing Aid Technology

The technology for hearing aids is no longer what it was a couple of decades back. It has immensely improved and is now more focused not only on hearing enhancement, but also on comfort, design, and features that match the user’s lifestyle.

Based on the processor’s performance, a hearing aid’s technology can either be basic or advanced. The technology for advanced hearing aids feature more functions that offer higher resolution of processing the signal of smaller frequency bands.

Below are just some of the most popular features that advanced hearing aids now have.

Wind noise reduction

Though not a necessity for most users, this feature can make a huge impact to those who are sporty and spend more time outdoors. Playing golf, going on a boat trip, hiking, and other hobbies can be more fun and convenient with wind noise reduction. It is able to detect the impact of wind, which reduces the amplification of wind noise and makes for better hearing reception.

Bluetooth compatibility

This is one of the most popular features that makes advanced hearing aids more sellable than its counterparts with only basic features. What makes this so convenient is that it gives users the capability to connect their Bluetooth-capable phones and other devices to their hearing aids. Bluetooth can improve signal and can eradicate the microphone feedback. Signal interference won’t likely be a problem either.

Binaural processing

What does binaural processing mean? This means that a pair of hearing aids can wirelessly communicate with each other. Say goodbye to manual adjustments, as this type of technology mimics the ability of the brain in processing information. It is important for hearing aids to operate in a synchronous manner, especially when they stream signals in between them.

Learning Features

Advanced hearing aids have the capability to identify or “learn” your preferences. This is another example of bidding goodbye to doing manual adjustments. All you need to do as a user is to log volume control settings and other preferences. You can do this for different sound environments. With the learning feature of advanced hearing aids, the settings can automatically change upon detection of change in sound environments.

Data logging feature

This feature is useful for your practitioner. It stores data about listening environments and allows your practitioner to use this data in customizing your fitting for your next appointment.

These advancements of technology in today’s hearing aids are what you need not only to enhance hearing but to make your life a little bit more convenient. If you want to know more about how these advanced hearing aids can improve your life, contact Beltone DFW today at (888) 958-8432.