Learning to Love Your Hearing Aid

  1. Love Your Hearing Aid

Many people in their lifetime will experience hearing loss. In fact, one in ten people have significant hearing loss that would benefit from hearing aids. Only 25% of those people seek treatment because of concerns they have. Overcoming and understanding these concerns can lead to a better quality of life not just for yourself but for others that love and want to interact with you.


This is probably the most significant reason for not pursuing hearing aid correction. People tend to be embarrassed and do not want to advertise the fact that they are aging, or have an issue that needs correcting. New technology exists that makes most hearing aid models nearly invisible. Some models can even be placed completely in the ear canal and hidden entirely from view. As people become more accustomed to sharper levels of hearing, appearance ceases to matter for most.

Professional Confirmation

As hearing loss occurs gradually over time, most people do not realize they are not hearing people clearly. They may assume others are not speaking clearly enough or not loud enough. It is assumed it is the other person’s fault. Seeing a third party for confirmation and proof there is decreased hearing is a major step in seeking help.

Personal Worth

Most people do not think their level of hearing loss is that significant. Maybe they have forgotten how it feels to be able to hear adequately. Most people worry about the cost and whether they, themselves, are worth spending money on. Think of it as an investment. The rewards you reap from social interactions and quality of life are so worth the monetary cost.

Have Patience

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember after acquiring hearing aids. It is going to be an immense adjustment learning to live with all the sounds you were missing previously. The world is a noisy place and having sounds amplified when before you were living in a quiet environment takes some getting used to. Start with smaller sections of time for wearing and build up those time frames until you are comfortable with wearing them all of your awake time. Be persistent and you will be used to them in no time.


Make sure you trust the professional you choose for your hearing aid assistance. Choose someone knowledgeable, who will answer all your questions and who will work with you to receive the best quality of hearing possible.

Getting help with hearing can feel like a big step. A trusted specialist can help guide you through this process easily. Call the professionals today at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth with any questions or to make an appointment to begin your journey to a world of better hearing.