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  • Beltone DFW | Tinnitus

    How Can Hearing Aids Help with Tinnitus?

    Tinnitus is a medical condition that causes ringing or buzzing in the ears. Any external force does not cause these unwanted noises, so they can only be heard by you. The length and severity of the ringing are different for everyone. It is currently estimated that nearly 15 percent of the country suffers from some […]

  • Dementia and Hearing Loss

    How Hearing Aids Can Slow Dementia Progression

    Studies have shown that hearing loss can speed up brain atrophy, also known as cognitive decline. Leaving hearing issues untreated can significantly increase an individual’s risk of developing cognitive decline issues earlier than their peers. Understanding how and why hearing loss and dementia are related can help you learn the importance of treating hearing-related issues […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth Hearing Care

    Can Obesity Cause Hearing Loss?

    Obesity has been linked to several different health problems. If you fall into the obesity category, you may be wondering what your risks are of experiencing hearing loss. The truth is that obesity itself doesn’t lead to hearing loss. However, many medical conditions that are more common in obese patients can result in hearing loss. […]

  • Beltone DFW | Exercising & Hearing Loss

    Can Exercising Improve Your Hearing?

    Hearing loss is a lot more common than many people realize. At some point in life, nearly half the country experiences some degree of hearing loss. Individuals with severe impairment may address the issue with cochlear implants or hearing aids. Folks with milder cases sometimes choose to leave it be. But what many people don’t […]

  • Who Hears Differently

    Do Men and Women Hear Sounds Differently?

    According to recent research by the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, men are more likely to suffer from hearing loss and are less likely, compared to women, to seek medical assistance. Men tend to lose their ability to hear at a higher frequency level, unlike women who lose their hearing in the […]

  • Hearing Aids 101

    Hearing 101: What You Need to Know About Hearing

    Hearing is important in almost every aspect of life. Communicating with family and friends, listening to your favorite music, hearing the class lecture or business meeting presentation, and enjoying the sounds of nature all depend on good hearing. Approximately 20% of the United States’ population is affected by hearing loss. Only arthritis and heart disease […]