Online Resources For Learning Sign Language

Communication is absolutely essential to day-to-day interactions. Those with hearing disabilities or who have loved ones who are hard of hearing can also learn how to communicate effectively by taking ASL classes. By doing so, they’d be able to relay their feelings and enjoy a good conversation with everyone.

The good thing is self-paced learning is now available online for those who want to learn at their own time and availability. In fact, there are lots of websites for sign language learning online and apps developed for your learning convenience.


Website Resources

Here are some of the free online learning resources that can be found on the web:

American Sign Language University

ASLU contains a lot of information that can help you learn ASL. It is ideal for both teachers and students of ASLU. It offers video tutorials and self-study schedule among all others. They also have the First 100 Signs feature that is very useful for starters. Make sure never to miss that one.

Start ASL

Start ASL has plenty of printable workbooks for easy learning. There are 40 units that help you begin with the basics of your lessons. It will take you step by step from the easy basic signs moving towards the advanced signs like storytelling and having conversations.


ASLPro has a wide variety of lessons which you can acquire for free. It has fingerspelling practices, numerous quizzes, conversational phrases, and a detailed dictionary. Videos that explain how the signs are performed are also available for a more efficient learning.

Sign Language 101

Sign Language 101 offers free classes about the basics of sign language learning. It has 10 video lessons that teach you the alphabet, numbers, colors, simple gestures, common phrases, and a whole lot more. The videos are designed to guide you step by step as you progress from your basic lessons to a more difficult one.


Apps Resources

If you want a convenient way of learning ASL, you can now use your mobile devices like your laptops, smartphones or iPhones by downloading ASL apps. Numerous sign language learning apps have been developed to add convenience in your way of learning. Here are some of the most awesome apps for learning sign language.

Marlee Signs

Marlee Signs is a free sign language learning app for iOS. There are ASL video lessons and fingerspelling practices for a more convenient way of learning. By the way, Marlee Signs is an Oscar-winning deaf actress. Wouldn’t it be more fun to practice ASL with her on the app?


Bridging communities together is one of ASL Apps’ goals. True to its word, it provides ASL lessons to deaf and mute people that will help them communicate better with the people around them. Their lessons are easy and systematic.

ASL: Fingerspelling

This app doesn’t come free. However, it is worth buying since the app is very helpful in making their users speed up their learning with the fingerspelling techniques.

ASL Coach

Do you want to learn ASL in a brief yet sweet manner? The ASL Coach app is the one for you then. It will simply teach you how to master the sign language alphabet in no time.


Indeed, there are lots of ASL learning resources online. You only have to pick the one that suits your needs, doesn’t conflict with your time and of course, the one with the programs that are easiest for you to understand.

If you or any of your loved ones need further advice regarding hearing loss and ASL learning, feel free to contact us at Beltone DFW or directly call us at (888) 9588432 to speak with our hearing health specialists. We’ll always be happy to accommodate you.