Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

There are many surgical options for different types and causes of hearing loss. Surgical treatments for many ear disorders and temporal bone are readily available aside from medical treatments. Below are the common surgeries performed in the ears:



Radiosurgery is a good option for treating temporal bone and other ear disorders. A highly focused radiation is used in removing vascular tumors from the ear, other tumors from the base of the skull, and acoustic neuroma. The radiation therapy is either given once or divided into smaller amounts per session in a period of three to five days.  


Middle Ear Infection Surgery

Middle ear chronic infections such as ear bone erosion, eardrum perforation, ear chronic drainage, and malignant skin build-up within the ear will all result in hearing loss if left untreated. These chronic infections can be dealt through various surgical procedures which will help correct these abnormalities.


Skull Base Surgery

Any abnormalities in the temporal bone or skull base such as tumors, head injuries, traumatic injuries, and infections affect our ears. For each specific skull base problem, there is an equivalent surgical approach. Consult your hearing healthcare professional or trusted surgeon regarding the best surgical procedure for the skull base disorder you have.


Stapedectomy or Surgery for Otosclerosis

Otosclerosis is the abnormal bone growth near our middle ear. This is a result of our stiffening stapes or third ear bone and can cause hearing loss by obstructing the sound passing through our ears. During the surgical procedure, the immobilized stapes bone is removed and is replaced by the prosthetic ear bone.


Bone-anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) Surgery

BAHA surgery is ideal for people with hearing loss due to chronic ear infections, congenital ear disorders, or even outer ear problems, as long as they have cochlea which can still hear at a moderate level or better. BAHA is surgically implanted to the patient with hearing loss.


Surgery for Acoustic Neuroma

Acoustic neuroma or vestibular schwannoma is a noncancerous tumor that emerges from our balance nerves. It is their location which is near our brain and ear that makes it a threat to our hearing. However, these tumors can be removed through various surgical procedures such as retrosigmoid approach, translabyrinthine, or middle cranial fossa. The type of surgery to be done depends on the tumor’s size and location.


Ear Tube Surgery

Ear tube surgery is done on patients (both adults and children) with recurrent or excessive ear fluid production. This increases the risks for hearing loss and many future permanent ear problems. To prevent this fluid from damaging the ears any further, a special drainage tube is surgically inserted within the patient’s eardrums.


Cochlear Implant

Cochlear implant surgery is performed on patients with profound or severe binaural hearing loss. A small and special electronic device, called a cochlear implant, is placed inside the patient’s ears. Cochlear implants help stimulate the cochlear nerve which helps the individual to hear again when hearing aids are no longer a solution for their hearing loss.


In our modern world, there is already hope for people with hearing loss to hear again and hear better. Various methods can be done so the individual can hear gain. These methods are either medical or surgical treatments. Surgery is only advisable if recommended by your doctor and the patient agrees to it.

Before you proceed to any surgical operations, always consult your hearing health professional. Don’t hesitate to inquire about the best possible treatment options and if it is really necessary to go under the knife. For your hearing health concerns, schedule an appointment with Beltone DFW or call us directly at (888) 958-8432 to speak with one of our trusted hearing specialists.