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    Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

    Hearing impairment: It’s happening to hundreds of millions of people across the globe. If you’re starting to lose your hearing, though, it’s not the end of the world. An audiologist may be able to help you. Talking to a professional audiologist may be intimidating, but it’s important to ask questions and work with them to […]

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    The Relationship Between Hearing Loss & Turner Syndrome

    Turner Syndrome is a female-only condition that affects the X chromosome. This can lead to hearing loss and other developmental and medical complications; Turner Syndrome can result in short stature, cardiovascular problems, and issues with the female reproductive system. While the effects of Turner Syndrome and symptoms vary among patients, hearing loss is common among […]

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    Choosing The Right Audiologist For You

    No person, in any profession, is equal in terms of the quality of their work which is why we all are in search for the best. Follow these steps and you’ll find your way into a reputable clinic that can satisfy your needs. Check Your Insurance Though majority of insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids, […]