Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

  1. Traveling with Hearing Aids

If you have hearing loss and you are traveling, you cannot afford any mistakes when it comes to your hearing aids. You will need them throughout the trip, and you want to make sure that they will have peak performance. Hearing care will involve having spare batteries, cleaning and maintaining the aids, and use of wireless technology. Here is how you can travel with hearing aids.

Ensure You Have Batteries

Many people have experienced running out of hearing aid batteries when they least expected it. In case you are traveling, make sure you have spare hearing aid batteries. When you are somewhere new, you might be unable to find the correct battery type immediately when you require it. If you are planning to take a long trip away from your hotel during your travel, be sure to carry an additional pair of batteries. In case you use hearing aids that are rechargeable and possess a recharging system, confirm if you have all the required cords and plugs. If you are going to another nation, confirm the type of electrical plugs used there. You can obtain affordable adaptors in any electronics shop to allow for global electrical sockets that differ based on the country or region.

Clean and Maintain Your Hearing Aids

Before embarking on your trip, see a professional to check your hearing aids to ensure they work properly and conduct any necessary repairs. When packing, be sure to carry your cleaning supplies for your hearing aid for optimal hearing care. In case you are traveling to a humid region, consider buying a dehumidifier for the hearing aid. Between the perspiration and the weather, the humidity may impact the hearing aids. Just put your hearing aids in the dehumidifier overnight and wear them fresh and dry in the morning.

Leverage Wireless Technology

The majority of hearing aids contain wireless capabilities to link to tablets and smartphones. When you are on a train or airport terminal, you may face interference from background noise regardless of the power of your hearing aids. Beltone offers hearing apps such as HearMax, HearPlus, SmartRemote, and Tinnitus Calmer. Our hearing apps allow you to use your mobile device to stream phone calls and amplify sounds. Additionally, announcements done over a loudspeaker can be unclear, even when you have hearing aids. Hence, signup for text message or email alerts for your travel schedule so that you can be informed in case of any changes.

Wherever you are planning to travel to, these tips will ensure your hearing aids will work for you. You will not only have hearing aids that have peak performance consistently, but you will be able to use technology for your hearing benefit.

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