Treating Temporary Hearing Loss

  1. Temporary Hearing Loss

While you may not want to think about it, temporary hearing loss does happen for a variety of reasons. If you’ve never had a problem before with hearing and suddenly you experience deafness, it can be scary, too say the least. Understanding what to do to treat your temporary hearing loss is vital to recovering successfully.

Do You Have Hearing Loss In One Or More Ears?

It’s very important that you first determine if the loss of hearing is in one or both ears. In the event that you’re experiencing single-sided deafness, it can be an indication of something more serious. You should seek out medical attention right away to avoid permanent hearing loss. If you’re experiencing loss of hearing in both ears, then it’s typically a sign that it will be temporary and can be treated at home.

The Causes Of Temporary Loss Of Hearing In Both Ears

Understanding what caused your temporary loss of healing will allow you to avoid making the issue worse now and in the future. There are two main causes of temporary loss of hearing. These include loud noise exposure and blocked ear canals.

If you’ve spent some time at a concert, shooting range, or construction site, you may experience temporary loss of hearing in both ears. This noise-induced loss of hearing can be caused by any loud noises that your ears are exposed to in the short-term. You should opt for wearing hearing care protection in the future to avoid this issue from happening to you again.

The ear canals can be blocked by a number of different things. These typically happen due to earwax, ear infections, and swimmer’s ear. You should start by cleaning the earwax out of your ear to see if that alleviates your deafness condition. If the ear is inflamed, you should seek treatment from your doctor for an ear infection. Swimmer’s ear also requires treatment from a doctor. Once the condition is treated, you should regain your hearing shortly.

Temporary Loss Should Only Last A Day Or Two

Since hearing is a very important sense that you don’t want to lose, it’s important to take the necessary steps to recover quickly. You’ll want to start by treating your temporary deafness with the methods described above. If you’ve identified the cause and treated the deafness, you should regain your hearing in a day or two. If for some reason you don’t regain your hearing within two days, you should seek out medical attention. There may be more to your condition than you initially thought.

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