Treatments Of Tinnitus

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Hearing loss isn’t the only possible complication in terms of hearing. There is also something medically termed “tinnitus” which is a latin word for noise. It’s basically when a person appears to be hearing a sound that goes on for a period of time, or at times does not actually cease, without an external stimulus creating the said noise.

This usually comes with hearing loss but may also not.

Identifying The Cause

Due to the nature of this condition it becomes a challenge to identify and treat it. Though this can sometimes be merely brought about by another aspect of your physiology which makes the noise.

Two Types of Tinnitus:

  • Objective Tinnitus – Is a type of tinnitus wherein doctors are able to hear the sound too when they examine the patient. This is usually the product of the pulse, muscle contractions, or other physical factors that result in a certain constant noise.
  • Subjective Tinnitus – This is the most frequent case and it’s when the patient is the only one who can  perceive the sound, and is possibly caused by damages within your ear, or complications of your brain making it seem like your hearing something.

The doctor will employ a series of procedures like making the patient move certain muscles, and describing the sound. This helps in determining the root cause and prescribing an appropriate treatment. Situations where the ailment is brought about by an underlying problem means this concealed complication will have to be addressed in inorder for the patient to be alleviated of Tinnitus.


Hearing Aids – When tinnitus are paired with a hearing disability, these devices may help as they allow the individual to finally hear sounds which drown out the noise of tinnitus.

Masking Devices – These have similar appearances to hearing aids and are often mistaken as such. It suppresses “tinnitus” by emitting sounds itself. It comes at a frequency and beat that is specially designed to deal with this.

However, there are hearing aids with “masking features” so you might want to consult an expert about this.

Cognitive Exercises – A person may undergo a program where their cognitive abilities are sharpened through training. The brain is so powerful that when something is wrong with someone’s hearing, their minds could fabricate the illusion of noise being heard.

These sets of exercises may ease the discomfort and negative effects, and help the subject better respond to tinnitus.

Discontinuing a Medication – There are medicines that are unfavorable to the auditory system. These are labelled as “ototoxic drugs,” which may damage components of the ear leading to hearing loss or tinnitus.

Usually these are temporary and wear off when you stop taking these kinds of medications. Consult with a professional. The benefits of these may outweigh the consequences that come with it, especially if these were recommended to you to tackle major illnesses. See one of our accommodating audiologists at Beltone DFW. Call us at (888) 958-8432.