What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

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Hearing loss is a disability known to many. What many don’t know is there are various types of hearing loss. A lot of people would picture this condition merely as a person who is totally deaf or as a person who is partially deaf and struggles to hear every single sound that is made.

Hidden hearing loss is one kind of this and is quite tricky to diagnose and treat as it often remains elusive to audiograms and other forms of hearing tests. This means that there are individuals experiencing this without even being aware that they are being affected by this.

How Is This Diagnosed?

If you get your hearing tested and you have this disability, it usually won’t be picked up by audiograms and it instead would portray that you have a healthy auditory system. This then leads us to wonder if this is really a problem when our results actually came out great.

You see the common ways of examining a person’s capability to perceive sound is able to determine different disabilities in hearing except this specific condition. This is because your cochlear hair cells remain intact during this condition, which would not be the case in other instances of hearing loss. The synapses are in fact, the ones that are damaged. This is a link between nerve cells where electrical and chemical signals are passed.

When a patient with hidden hearing loss generates good results in the audiogram but still reports problems of hearing then the healthcare professional will have to perform another test that would deal with a brain’s auditory response. The doctor would then discover the presence of this condition in that certain person.

How Does This Affect Us?

Now you might question as to why this disability needs to be diagnosed and treated. What are the consequences of experiencing this?

A person with hidden hearing loss might find it hard themselves to notice that they are afflicted by this. This is because when a person were to talk to another person in a quiet normal setting, it would seem that they could hear quite well. They are able to interact and comprehend in a conversation properly. However, when a person were to be in a place that is noisy, they are then unable to hear things that people with healthy hearing abilities could. Thus the weakness of these people would then be locations with a gathering of people. During situations like this they become detached to their friends and sometimes prefer to not talk to them.

For those with this condition, but are then required by their careers to work in crowded places and still need to be able to listen (such as bartenders etc.) treatment is essential.


The conventional option of hearing aids would not suit these group of people well since they only need help in perceiving sound in specific situations. There are devices that can cater to their needs. You can refer to a specialist about this.

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