When Should You Upgrade Your Hearing Aids?

Audiologists recommend replacing your hearing aids every three to five years, but that frequency can vary greatly from one patient to the next. If you’re unsure whether or not you should replace your hearing aid sooner than that, you can always look at the following factors.

Is Your Hearing Aid Meeting All of Your Needs?

First of all, you need to make sure that the hearing aid you currently have is currently meeting all of your hearing needs. Think about the various listening situations you experience regularly. Your hearing aids should be able to serve you in almost every situation, whether you regularly talk on the phone, listen to music, or spend time with your family and friends. If you find that your current hearing aid doesn’t serve you in most of those scenarios, you probably need an upgrade.

How Often Does Your Hearing Aid Need to be Repaired?

Hearing aids do need to be repaired every once in a while. If you find that you have to bring your own hearing aid in for repairs more frequently than you once did, it could be getting to the end of its lifespan, even if you haven’t had it for very long. An excellent guideline to follow is seeing how much money you spend on repairs for your hearing aid. If it turns out that you’re spending more money on your hearing aid than you would spend on a replacement, talk to your hearing care specialist about upgrading to a new model.

What New Features are Available?

If you’re unsure whether or not to upgrade your hearing aids, ask your hearing care specialist about any new features that might be available in the latest hearing aid models. Maybe there is a new model available that is better at filtering out background noise that could make it easier for you to have conversations with friends and family in public, or maybe there is a more comfortable model that you’ll be able to wear for longer periods of time. It could be that your current hearing aid is working well enough and that you technically don’t need an upgrade, but you might want one if there is a newer model that might suit your needs a little bit more.

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