Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done?

  1. Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done

The Basics of Hearing Care

Every year, millions of people experience some form of hearing loss. If left untreated, this loss of hearing can become more severe and lead to a lower quality of life. In this article, we will discuss why you would need to get a hearing test, where you can get a hearing test done and what do expect during your hearing test.

Why Would I Need a Hearing Test?

If you are having trouble hearing people during normal conversation, then you may be experiencing some form of hearing loss. If you find the need to turn up the TV or radio in order to hear your shows, then you may also be experiencing a loss of hearing. Also, as you age, you will naturally experience a gradual loss of hearing. You will need a hearing test in order to determine your rate of loss of hearing and ways your hearing can be treated before the situation worsens.

Where Can I Get My Hearing Test Done?

You can have your hearing tested by an Audiologist at our many Beltone Dallas Fort Worth locations or by a Physician specialist. When you have your hearing care done by a physician, you will most likely to assessed by an ENT (ear, nose, and throat) doctor. Before you see a hearing specialist, you will want to visit your primary physician to talk about your condition. From there, your primary physician can recommend a referral to your specific hearing situation.

What To Expect During My Hearing Test?

During your hearing assessment, you will receive a number of different exams. First, a Physician will physically examine your ears to check for any damage. From there, you may be sent to an Audiologist that will conduct a number of hearing and sound tests. During these tests, you will wear a pair of headphones. The Audiologists at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth will then play sounds on one side or both sides of the headphone speakers. You will signal if you are able to hear sounds from either side or both sides of the headphones. After the tests, you will be diagnosed in one of several categories. You will either be diagnosed with mild, moderate, severe or complete loss of hearing. From there, the Audiologist will recommend the best treatment for your condition.

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