Where Can I Recycle Hearing Aid Batteries?

  1. Recycling Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing loss can exert a significantly adverse impact over your personal, professional and social well-being. Fortunately, hearing aids can help those stricken with hearing loss overcome the problem or experience improved auditory skills. That said, most hearing devices operate on batteries. When the batteries run low or die, they need to be replaced with new ones and the old must be discarded.

Most hearing aid batteries, however, are comprised of specific elements and chemicals that necessitate adherence to appropriate discarding processes. One method of hearing aid battery disposal is recycling.

The Importance Of Recycling Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries contain substances that could prove toxic to environmental landscapes such as the air and water, which could damage structures and eventually precipitate illnesses to humans and animals. When discarded in trash bins, toxic elements often seep out of batteries during the compacting process, this increasing the environmental risk.

Disposing of used hearing aid batteries in recycling facilities provides several potential benefits. Aside from the obvious positive impact on the environment, chemicals used to create hearing aid batteries can be extracted and utilized for other beneficial purposes.

Proper Hearing Aid Battery Recycling Methods

Typically, there are several destinations where hearing aid users can bring dead batteries. Such locations include:

Drop Off Centers

Your hometown or city likely possesses a recycling center. These facilities might sponsor specific battery recycling events. However, in most instances, hearing aid batteries will also be accepted on a yearly basis. If you do not know where your recycling center is located, the address and contact information of these facilities can be found online.

Drop Off Boxes

These recycling bins can often be found in numerous places such as shopping centers, government offices and designated outdoor locations. In some cases, these containers might be affiliated with your hometown’s recycling center. However, other locations concerned with environmental welfare might offer these sites on their own accord.

Hearing Aid Companies

Some companies that create hearing aids might accept used batteries for recycling purposes. Individual hearing aid owners can contact and learn the proper company procedure.

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