Where Could You Be Damaging Your Hearing?

Knowing about hearing loss makes us all think about which places we could possibly be more susceptible to it. It is already a known fact that sounds that go beyond 85 decibels, and a prolonged exposure to these sounds can gradually damage one’s hearing.

Below is a list of places that will contribute to hearing loss. Also find out ways to protect yourself from hearing loss that is noise-induced.

Weddings, Birthdays and Other Parties

No matter how fun these parties can become, they can also be really loud. The unsafe levels of the music or the band can make you really susceptible to hearing loss.

What you can do:

It does not necessarily mean that you should stop celebrating. You just need to make sure that the sound levels of your music and entertainment is maintained at a moderate level.


It seems like a good thing that we consider loud movies to be the best ones. Dolby sound may seem very attractive for movie-goers, but it is important to know that these are also unsafe levels for your ears, especially for children.

What you can do:

It may seem less enjoyable, but wearing noise cancelling headphones during the movies will definitely aid in making sure that the sounds you hear are not ones that can destroy your hearing. An average of more than 2 hours in the cinema can be very damaging to your ears especially if going to the cinemas is something you do regularly.

Sporting Events

Did you know that one of the noisiest crowds ever are in sporting events? Stadiums are full of yelling fans, and while everyone’s spirits are always up, your ears can get the worst of it.

What you can do:

While there is nothing that you can do about it, you may want to limit bringing your kids regularly to these events. It would also be better to have their hearing regularly checked.

Bars and Restaurants

Did you know that music is what makes people come together? This is why it is a must for restaurants and bars to have them. It lures people in where they can enjoy conversation with some background music. However, this also means you and your group are having to speak much louder at your table, sometimes even yelling to be heard. The loud conversation coupled with the loud music is doing a number on your sensitive hearing organ.

What you can do:

You can always request for the volume of the music to be lowered. Or you can also limit your times in restaurants and bars and hold celebrations at home instead.


Aside from avoiding these places, you may want to also make sure that you regularly go to a hearing specialist to check if your hearing is still okay. If you constantly disregard it, then it may be too late and you would already need to wear hearing aids for the rest of your life.  Call Beltone DFW today at (888) 958-8432 to learn more about noise-induced hearing loss. Let us save your ears!