Why Do My Ears Feel Plugged?

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A clogged ear isn’t necessarily something to worry about but it can be quite a nuisance as we go on about our day-to-day activities. Aside from being unable to hear things as well as we did before, it feels uncomfortable and unnatural especially if it started just recently.

There are a variety of reasons as to why this has happened to you. In most cases this is only temporary and will subside eventually. Once this condition starts try to treat it at once, otherwise if it persists then a trip to a healthcare professional would be highly recommended.

Eustachian Tube

The Eustachian Tube’s function is to ventilate the area of the middle ear so that air pressure remains in its usual extent. It also serves as a channel where certain debris and substances can exit so that that section remains clear. Normally this remains closed except when one swallows or yawns, does this open up.

However this part can become overwhelmed with the volume of matter that fill it, becoming obstructed and unable to open. These fluids then become trapped inside. It’s imperative that it is removed as soon as possible to avoid it from turning into an infection.

This passageway is not restricted to mucus but can also be filled up with water when you go for a swim or any activity where you are submerged under it. Be on the lookout for pain in the ear, fever and redness as these are its symptoms.

Try these to treat this specific condition:

Toynbee maneuver – to do this you swallow while you fasten your nose shut with your hands.

Valsalva maneuver – Still being held close, you gently blow your nose.

If these work normally it will be followed by a popping noise which indicates that everything is fine again. More simple remedies would be chewing gum and getting yourself to yawn.


Naturally found in the canals of your ear is earwax. It is part of the self-cleaning system of your auditory. It traps dirt, particles and debris bringing them outside. It’s also handy in keeping insects, bugs and other crawlies from entering. If given the chance these could pose as threat to your auditory network. This fluid is composed of certain elements that help stave off infections and keeps your ear canals moisturized.

Unfortunately this substance can sometimes be the cause for blockages due to a build-up of it often brought about by cotton buds being inserted deep inside where it shouldn’t be.

The most ideal way to get rid of this is through a specialist, such as ENT’s who will wash them out for you. Though there are earwax softeners for sale in pharmacies for people to accomplish this themselves at the comfort of their home.

Change In External Pressure

Given that our bodies are accustomed to the atmosphere at sea level, when we dive to deep into the ocean or climb up into excessive heights the difference in air pressure in that certain altitude can cause the clogging in the ears. This is at times accompanied with pain.

This usually disappears after a while so it’s often something you can ignore.

Before you decide to self-diagnose and treat your own ears, see a professional to get the right care and avoid complications. If you don’t know one yet, contact one of Beltone DFW’s attentive audiologists. We are happy to discuss what a hearing-health-friendly lifestyle should be. Call us at (888) 958-8432.