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What Should You Do If Your Hearing Aids Get Wet?

Hearing aids are a great tool that can allow you to reconnect with the world around you. While hearing aids can withstand a lot, moisture can be a real problem. If your hearing aids got wet, there are some must-dos and not-to-dos that you should know about. You want to ensure that your hearing aids remain in great working condition.

Do Get Them Out of the Water Immediately

One of the most common reasons that users get their hearing aids wet is dropping them in water by accident. You want to recover them as soon as possible and dry them off with a towel. The quicker that you can remove the source of water, the better chance your hearing aids have.

Do Remove Your Battery

Turn your hearing aid off as soon as possible and remove its battery. You'll want to leave its battery door open so that it can get as much air as possible. Air will help to remove the moisture. Don't let the door remain shut. This can actually trap moisture and lead to permanent hearing aid damage.

Do Dry Out Your Tubes

If your hearing aids have tubes on them, you'll want to remove them. Try and remove as much water as possible by shaking them over the sink or a towel. Use a hair dryer on a low setting to blow the water out of the tube. Pay close attention so that you don't get the tube too hot, as you can damage it.

Do Invest in a Hearing Aid Dryer

If you often have to deal with wet hearing aids, take action before you damage them further. A hearing aid dryer or dehumidifier is a perfect solution. This device helps to dry out your hearing aids in a safe manner.

Don't Heat Up Your Hearing Aids

You may want to put your hearing aids in the oven to try and dry them out. Avoid this at all costs, as it could actually melt the material of your hearing aids. Let the air remove the moisture from your hearing aids. You can also massage it with a towel to remove moisture.

Don't Assume The Worst

Many times, hearing aids can completely recover from being in water. They need some care and a watchful eye. It may take up to two full days for your hearing aids to completely dry out. Once you believe that your hearing aids are dry, put in a new battery and turn them on. If they don't work, then it's time to consult a hearing care professional for further help.

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