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Revolutionary Technology

At Beltone Dallas Fort Worth, we are proud to provide an assortment of hearing accessories to complement your Beltone hearing aids. These accessories use the latest in hearing technology to allow you to function as one with your hearing aid devices. Let's take a look at the various accessories that you can enjoy from the Beltone line.

Beltone Direct Line up

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Beltone myPal Micro and Pro

Beltone myPal Micro and Pro

When you start using your hearing aids, you'll likely find that some people are just naturally harder to hear than others due to the tone of their voice. The Beltone myPal Micro and Pro system will help to provide optimal clarity of a person's voice as long as they have possession of the device.

The MyPal device has a built-in directional microphone that helps to detect the sound of the person's voice and transfer it to your hearing aid. This device also helps to clarify sounds coming from the TV, iPad, MP3 Player, or PC. All you need to do is place the device near where the sound is coming from and adjust the volume as necessary.

Beltone Direct TV Link2

Beltone Direct TV Link2

The Beltone Direct TV Link2 works by being directly attached to your computer, television, or stereo via the audio connection. You'll receive the highest quality sound with this direct connection. The best part is that there will be no background noise interference.

You'll be able to move within seven meters of the connection source before going out of range. If you do happen to step out of range, the Direct TV Link2 will automatically reconnect to your hearing device.

Beltone Direct Remote Control 2

The days of adjusting your hearing aid settings from the actual device are over. With Direct Remote Control 2, you can instantly adjust the settings on your hearing aids without having to take them out.

You can easily mute background noise, change programs, switch to another piece of electrical equipment, or balance out sounds and volumes. The large color display on this remote control makes it easy to change for anyone.

Beltone Amaze Case

Beltone Direct Phone Link 2

With the Direct Phone Link 2, you'll never have to use a neck-loop or other relay device. This delivers clear sound directly to your hearing aids. With its hands-free capability, you'll find that it's compatible with most Androids and iPhones. Even enjoy various buttons for programming and muting so that you can adjust the settings to your liking.

If you're interested in getting access to any of these Beltone devices, be sure to give us a call today. Our experienced hearing care specialists can provide you with a free hearing evaluation and recommend the best hearing aids to assist you.

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