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BelCare™ Service Plan

All Beltone hearing aids come with our exclusive BelCare™ Service Plan. Beltone hearing aids have a 80+ year reputation for unparalleled service and dependability. When service is needed, our Beltone Factory Repair Lab ensures that the repair to your hearing investment always meets Beltone standards.

At Beltone Dallas Fort Worth, our licensed and experienced hearing care practitioners can do most common repairs and services in our local offices, often providing same day service. When major repair is required, Beltone hearing aids are returned to the Factory Repair Lab, where they undergo extensive testing and repair using only Beltone parts and labor. This ensures that your investment in Beltone hearing aids will continue to provide you with the very best quality hearing assistance.


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Beltone Hearing Aid Warranties

We offer 6 month and 12-month warranties with all hearing aid repairs and can usually have the repairs done in a few days. Prices vary depending on the service to be done. Please contact the nearest Beltone Dallas Fort Worth location or complete the online form.


Which Models of Hearing Aids?

We also service most other hearing aid brands and models with the same great quality parts and our best-in-class technicians and honor most manufactures’ warranties.

According to the Center for Hearing and Communication, there are 48 million people in the United States who have a significant hearing loss. This represents a staggering number of people who experience the gradual loss of their hearing. Other important facts from the Center of Hearing and Communication include:

  • 1 out of 3 people over age 65 have some degree of hearing loss
  • 2 out of 3 people over 75 have hearing loss
  • 14% of those ages 45-64 have some type of hearing loss
  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ears) affects 50 million people in the United States

Noticing the symptoms

People with hearing loss can experience a diminished quality of life and their condition may also impact the lives of their family. Noticing the symptoms of hearing loss is the first step toward taking a proactive stance in getting professional help. According to Hear-it, the following symptoms can be evidence of hearing loss.

  • It sounds as if people are mumbling to you
  • Difficulties in hearing television – or people say that your television is turned up too loud
  • Difficulties in hearing someone calling to you from behind or from another room
  • A frequent need to ask people to repeat themselves
  • Difficulties in hearing the doorbell or the phone ringing

Investing in a proper hearing aid is the answer to better hearing and more importantly, a better quality of life. This involves getting a diagnosis from your doctor or a Hearing Healthcare Specialist to determine the hearing aid best suited to your individual needs. While the use of hearing aids can be a significant improvement for people with hearing loss, these devices will not always function to full capacity and may need to be repaired by experts who are experienced with this technology.

Beltone is an industry leader

As a trusted leader in the manufacturing of high-quality hearing aids since 1940, Beltone is an industry leader in not only helping people hear better, but also in providing expertise in hearing aid repairs. For example, Beltone addresses the following concerns that people who wear hearing aids should be mindful of:

  • Battery life
  • Moisture concerns
  • Too much ear wax
  • Feedback
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle
  • Swimming
  • Sleeping with your hearing aid
  • Volume control
  • Malfunctions

One or more of the above issues can lead to diminished quality of a hearing aid, which is why hearing aid repairs and regular maintenance are so important. Just like getting regular maintenance for the vehicle you drive or making sure your air conditioning is running smoothly during those hot summer months, you should include repairs and servicing of your hearing aid a routine part of your life as well.

Rely on Beltone

Even though it may take some time to adjust to wearing a hearing aid, it could turn out to be of the best decision you’ve ever made. Also, knowing that you can rely on Beltone for your repairs and servicing needs, gives you a sense of security that your hearing aid will function to the highest standards of quality.

Contact us at (888) 958-8432 to discuss your hearing health and what repairs and services you may need. Schedule your appointment or take an online hearing test today.

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