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Hearing Loss Facts

Beltone DFW is committed to educating our community about hearing loss, how to recognize it, how to test for it, the effects it has socially and emotionally, and the solutions to the problem. To do this, we have designed a series of fun and informative seminars that focus on these topics which we present at senior organizations. This includes senior centers, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, adult daycare centers, etc., free of charge.

A trained Beltone Hearing Aid Specialist is available to come to your facility and present one of the topics outlined below, as well as provide complimentary video ear scans and hearing screenings for all those that attend.

If someone appears to have a hearing loss, they will have the opportunity to set up a complimentary hearing evaluation at our local Beltone office, home, or at your facility at another time (if applicable).

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Below are the five seminar topics we have available:

How Do I Know If I Need Hearing Aids?

Discover who has hearing loss, the warning signs, and the psychological impact of hearing loss. Explore how the ear works, the different kinds of hearing loss, and options available for help.

Getting the Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

Find out what to expect once you have your hearing aids. Discover preventative maintenance tips that will help you to make your hearing aids last for years.

History of Hearing Aids

Go back 200 years when the only hearing aids available were non-portable ear trumpets. Today, hearing aids are virtually invisible when placed in the ear.

Advances in Hearing Aid Technology

Explore the advantages of new hearing aid technology. See samples of the latest "virtually invisible" hearing aids. Hear for yourself the difference with a listening demonstration.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Hearing Aids

Hands-on training designed to teach your staff how to properly handle and clean patients’ hearing aids, including changing batteries. Learn how to recognize the signs of hearing loss and the options that are available for help.

Our Beltone professionals can arrange to come to your facility and perform on-site, complimentary cleanings and servicing on your members’ and/or residents’ hearing aids. Please contact your nearest Beltone DFW location or complete the online form for more information.