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The All-New Beltone Imagine

The Beltone Imagine is the first of its kind to provide customized hearing devices that fit the user’s ears’ actual shape and contour. This allows each individual to hear sounds naturally, in all environments. Finally, a hearing device that will enable you to hear just as nature has intended you to.

Hear As Nature Intended

The Beltone Imagine has groundbreaking technology that surpasses all others on the market. Its combination of a microphone & Receiver-in-Ear can easily filter incoming sounds and delivers them to the user in the most natural amplification possible. This ensures that you hear not only the intended conversation but the background noise as well. This puts you present in any situation, anywhere you choose to go with ease.

Hearing Aids

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Beltone Imagine Lineup

Made To Work In Any Situation

With the Beltone Imagine, you can feel more comfortable and involved in various social settings. With the help of the CrossLink Directionality 3 technology, you’ll receive all the sounds in your surrounding environment. This will allow you to focus on the sounds that you want with the option to feel still present in your environment.

The CrossLink Directionality 3 technology works to monitor all the sounds in your environment continuously. It will provide you with the best speech understanding possible, and you’ll never have to worry about disorientation. The Beltone Imagine will immediately adjust to each environmental situation to provide the best sound quality in that specific environment.

The Ultra Focus technology provided with each Beltone Imagine makes zeroing in on any conversation a breeze. This brand-new feature provides speech clarity and more social freedom to the user. When you find yourself in a noisy environment, such as an outdoor event or a busy restaurant, you can turn on the Ultra-Focus feature. This feature triggers your hearing aid to only focus on the sounds directly in front of you. This helps to eliminate unnecessary distracts and allows you to fully focused on your company.

Beltone Imagine

Stay Engaged

With the vast amount of technology around us, your hearing aids should be no different. Thankfully, with direct audio streaming to your hearing aids, you can enjoy crystal-clear audio anytime. With our Bluetooth® Low-Energy capability, you can stream music, podcasts, audiobooks, phone calls, or even your GPS directly to your hearing aids.

Unlike other hearing aid devices, we employ mix-in audio streaming. This feature eliminates any connection delays to ensure that you don’t ever miss a word. Whether it’s your favorite tune or talking with a loved one, you’ll hear every precious moment with the Beltone Imagine.

Imagine Apps

Countless Ways To Connect

Every Beltone Imagine hearing device is compatible with the Beltone HearMax™ app. This intuitive app allows you to control your hearing devices from your smartphone easily. You’ll have complete control over things like noise reduction, program adjusting, speech focus, volume, and so much more. The Beltone HearingMax app can be used from any iPhone, Android, or Apple Watch. All you need to do is download the app to get started.

The connectivity features of the Beltone Imagine can easily keep you connected to your favorite technologies. We offer a wide range of accessories that allow you to personalize your listening experience.

This device allows you to stream TV programs to your hearing aids effortlessly. This will provide a crystal-clear listening experience that you’ll be sure to love.

With either of these controls, you can easily adjust the hearing aid program you’re using from your television, radio, or computer. You can even change individual settings like the volume of the entertainment device.

When you’re looking for Bluetooth® technology to stream your phone conversations, look no further. The Beltone Phone Link 2 provides hands-free phone calls for users with an easy-to-use remote for seamless calling.

This device can easily be attached to family members, friends, and even colleagues to ensure that you receive the most transparent sound and speech possible.

Beltone Apps

A Design Tailor-Made For You

We produced the Beltone Imagine with you in mind. This brand-new design is comfortable to wear and enhances the aesthetic look of wearing a hearing device. The Beltone Imagine will sit comfortably inside your ear and is available with many different features like various colors, rechargeability options, and shapes.

Designs That Make A Difference

The Beltone Imagine is available in a diverse color palette to ensure you can get a color that matches your skin tone and style. Some of the most popular include sparking silver, bronze, gold, warm grey, espresso, and deep black. The customization doesn’t stop there either. You can choose from three different styles to find one that is best for your ergonomic needs. You’re also given the option between the standard and premium chargers. This way, you can choose which device is ideal for your lifestyle needs.

Beltone Imagine

Ready To Start Hearing Better?

Whether you’re experiencing hearing loss issues and need a hearing evaluation or you’re looking to upgrade your old hearing devices, contact one of our hearing care centers today. Our knowledgeable staff can evaluate your hearing and help you design the Beltone Imagine to fit your customized needs to enjoy better hearing.

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