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Inspiring a New Generation

The Beltone Serene hearing aid is a must-have if you're struggling to hear in loud environments. With its curved, symmetrical design and multiple styling options, this hearing aid is a discreet yet powerful device.

Manufactured to be:

  • Sweatproof
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable

The Beltone Serene is the perfect everyday hearing aid for people of all ages.

Beltone Serene Hearing Aids

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Technology Behind Beltone Serene

The Beltone Serene offers a plethora of advanced technological features to ensure that you can hear smoothly, regardless of the environment that you're physically in.

These hearing aids can be easily controlled through the Beltone HearMax app, which allows you to alter the settings on your hearing aids to fit the situation that you're in.

The Serene offers wireless connectivity so that you can easily stream calls from your mobile device and even enjoy your favorite television show.

Beltone Serene HearMax
Beltone Serene Bluetooth

Connectivity and Compatibility

The Beltone Serene is programmed to wirelessly connect with various smart devices to ensure smooth hearing all day long. Users can easily stream calls from their smartphones or even enjoy streaming their favorite television shows via Serene's Bluetooth connectivity. With the latest Bluetooth Auracast, you can even connect to broadcast audio from public stadiums and other locations that offer Auracast.

Custom Beltone Serene

Design and Comfort

The Beltone Serene was specifically designed to ensure a comfortable fit for users all day long. This unique device is available in three different styles, including micro receiver-in-ear, receiver-in-ear, and CROS/BiCros transmitter. The distinctive curved shape of this hearing aid helps to make it extremely discreet.

It's available in eight colors, including Sparkling Silver, Champagne, Gold, Bronze, Deep Black, Espresso, Graphite, and Warm Grey. All Beltone Serene hearing aid models are constructed to be sweatproof and waterproof, so you never have to miss a beat, no matter where your day takes you.

Beltone Serene Rechargeable

Battery Life and Charging

This hearing aid offers various battery options depending on the specific style you decide to invest in. All receiver-in-ear options come standard with traditional batteries.

However, the micro receiver-in-ear options do come with easily rechargeable batteries. These rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries will last all day on one charge, ensuring you're always able to hear.

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If it's time to upgrade your existing hearing aids or you're interested in getting your very first ones, the Beltone Serene is an excellent option. Be sure to call (888) 958-8432 or schedule an appointment online with our highly skilled hearing professionals at your local Beltone Dallas Fort Worth office to start your new journey with the Beltone Serene hearing aids.

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