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National Save Your Hearing Day

Celebrate National Save Your Hearing Day | May 31st, 2023

National Save Your Hearing Day is a special observational event celebrated on May 31st every year. This culminates at the end of Better Speech and Hearing Month. The idea is to raise awareness about hearing loss while promoting ways to protect ear health. Hearing loss has affected humans since the dawn of time, so there is no reason we should be scared to talk about it. These are the four best ways to celebrate National Save Your Hearing Day this year.

Learn to Protect Your Hearing

You can make many minor lifestyle changes that will go a long way to protecting your hearing in the future. Some of these changes are so small that they will become part of your regular routine in no time. One of the easiest changes is switching to over-the-ear headphones from earbuds. This limits the loud sounds exposed directly to your eardrums. You should also try to keep the ears as dry as possible when showering or swimming to prevent dangerous infections.

How You Can Observe This Special Holiday

Go On Hearing Detox

A great way to celebrate this important event is by taking a minor hearing detox on May 31st. Avoid exposing your ears to loud sounds for as long as possible. Reducing your music listening by an hour can do wonders, but you will make an even bigger impact if you go the entire day without putting on your headphones. Once you do this one time, you will realize it is not too hard to go without headphones for a few hours every day.

Tell Your Friends

National Save Your Hearing Day is all about bringing awareness to ear health and its treatments. There is a good chance that many friends and family have not heard about this important event. Honor the occasion by letting them know what is celebrated at the end of May. This will encourage them to protect their ear health. They may even decide to tell their friends about the event. This simple act goes a long way to spreading awareness for hearing health.

Get Your Hearing Tested

There is no better way to celebrate National Save Your Hearing Day than by getting your hearing tested by a professional. Early detection is crucial for hearing loss because you can suffer for years without knowing. This prevents you from getting the proper care needed to preserve your hearing. You can also continue to damage your hearing during this time by exposing your ears to loud sounds. Getting a hearing test is the only way to truly know the health of your ears.

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