Does Medicaid Cover Hearing Aids in Texas?

  1. Medicaid and hearing aids

Medicaid is a health program that is administered by each state. The federal government does have broad guidelines that the states must meet, and it pays part of the costs. So, if you live in Texas, your hearing care benefits may differ from those of people in Alaska or New York. More than half of the 50 states in the US provide some level of coverage for services and products that help people who need hearing care. In addition to Medicaid, there are other programs that might be able to help provide assessment and purchase equipment to help your hearing.

Medicaid Benefits

Medicaid offers a wide range of hearing assistance. In Texas, Medicaid eligibility covers those who have a mild or moderate loss in hearing. A mild loss means you might have trouble understanding someone speaking if there is a lot of background noise. Think of trying to understand a person next to you, speaking in a crowded restaurant. Moderate hearing loss is a problem hearing in most settings.

  • Assessment of treatment of hearing loss
  • Two hearing aids
  • Batteries and supplies
  • Continuing follow-up and rehabilitation services
  • Replacement or repair of hearing aids

Alternatives to Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are one type of device that can assist people with hearing loss. There is a less expensive alternative for those who do not qualify for assistance in buying regular hearing aids.

Three manufacturers offer assistive devices from $100 to $180 at retail cost. The devices look like a portable radio with earphones or earbuds for the listener and a microphone for the speaker. These are helpful for people who need to speak to one person at a time.

Other Resources for Hearing Aid Assistance

There are many private, institutional, and public resources for those who need hearing aids. The State of Texas has a comprehensive list of those resources within the state.

Check out other possible sources of help such as your private insurance carrier, local service organizations or clubs, university audiology programs, religious institutions, or your local school for a child’s needs.

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