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Cleaning Hearing Aids

How Long Should Hearing Aids Be Worn?

When you're struggling with hearing loss, hearing aids can be the perfect solution to amplify the specific sound frequencies you're having difficulty hearing. However, many newbies tend to wonder how often they should use their hearing aids and when they should take them out.

All-Day Hearing Aid Usage

When you get your first pair of hearing aids, it can be a bit challenging. Your brain will work at hyper speed to adapt to hearing the new frequencies. Many wearers note that simple sounds, like a car going by or a refrigerator running, are highly noticeable at first.

It's important to realize that your ears and brain are adapting to the overload of new sounds you were unable to hear before. It will usually take a couple of days to a couple of weeks until your brain adapts to hearing more sounds in your usual environment. The more often you wear your hearing aids, the quicker your brain will be able to adapt.

Realize that your auditory system is a use-it or lose-it type of system. When you deprive your auditory system by removing your hearing aids, it will stop that part of your brain from working adequately. With regular sound deprivation, you'll find it more and more difficult for your brain to process sounds and increase your risk of developing mental health disorders, such as dementia.

When you opt to wear your hearing aids throughout the entire day, it can change how you act and how you feel. Many people with hearing loss will withdraw from social situations because they're too challenging to deal with. Hearing aids will make it super simple to hear others around you and make social situations a real breeze. This does wonders for enhancing your mood and overall quality of life.

When Should Your Hearing Aids Be Taken Out?

While it's necessary to wear your hearing aids as much as possible throughout the day to enhance your hearing, there are times when they need to be removed. Anytime you're going to be near water, they should come out. This includes when you shower, sweat from a good workout, or swimming. Moisture can drastically damage your hearing aids in just a short time.

Additionally, you'll want to take your hearing aids out at night. Make sure you pop open the battery door to allow adequate ventilation while your hearing aids are charging. This helps to allow any moisture trapped in your hearing aids to dry up before you start using them again. Apart from being around water and setting your hearing aids, you should always have them in.

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