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Is There Such Thing As Noise-Canceling Hearing Aids?

Whenever you find yourself in a noisy environment, it can be frustrating to weed through the noises that your hearing aids are amplifying. Activities like sitting on an airplane, walking through an outdoor venue, and even walking down the sidewalk can be overwhelming. Fortunately, hearing aids can help you to concentrate better on the sounds that you want to hear.

The Benefits of Using Hearing Aids

While noise-canceling hearing aids aren't yet a thing, it's important to realize just how beneficial modern hearing aids can be. Most people are familiar with the fact that they amplify sound. However, most don't realize that hearing aids can be uniquely adjusted to help drown out background noises, making it easier to pay attention to specific sounds in your environment.

Altering Settings Based on Your Specific Environment

Hearing aids can be easily altered based on the type of environment that you find yourself in. In fact, many modern hearing aids will have different settings for environments like auditoriums, crowded restaurants, or even movie theaters. It will adjust what sound frequencies it amplifies and which frequencies it dampens to help you better hear the sounds you need. Some hearing aids will even sense the type of environment you're in and automatically change their settings.

Helpful Tactics for Better Hearing in Loud Environments

While modern hearing aid technology can do wonders for helping to improve your hearing while in a noisy environment, there are still some great tips you can implement on your own to assist you with hearing better. First, always be mindful of where you're seated. For example, when out for dinner, try to pick a location in a quiet corner away from the main entrance, kitchen, and restaurant.

Always opt to sit directly across from whoever you will be conversing with. This will allow you to rely on other notable communication methods, like lip reading and body language, to supplement any sounds you don't hear. Consider booking a reservation during an off-peak hour when there will be fewer patrons, and the background noise level will be significantly reduced.

Do yourself a favor and try and dine with a small group of people. The more people you have at your table, the harder it will be to keep up with the conversation. Additionally, you may want to bring along a trusted helper who can assist you in keeping up with the conversation when you miss it.

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