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Hearing Tests

Stressed Before a Hearing Test? Don't Be!

When you're having trouble with your hearing, it can be scary. Heading off to get an in-person hearing examination by a licensed professional can make the issue seem all the more real. However, there's no reason to avoid getting a hearing test as they're very stress-free.

Stress of Failing

One of the biggest reasons many people are stressed when they think about getting a hearing test is because they have this false sense of failing. They know that they already have a hearing problem, which will appear on their test results. It's important to remember that a hearing test is not about passing. It's about identifying where you're having trouble hearing so that your licensed audiologist can recommend the best course of treatment for you going into the future.

The Stress of the Unknown

Another common reason people stress out about getting a hearing test is that they don't know what's involved in the test. The unknown can be scary when it comes to anything in life. One of the best ways to help reduce your stress level about the unknown is to learn more about how hearing tests are administered.

While each hearing test will vary slightly from the next, depending on where you get your test done, they all have many similarities. You'll be asked to wear a pair of earphones. The audiologists will emit different sounds at varying pitches into your ears. You'll need to either raise your hand or push a button signaling what side you hear the noise on.

This helps your audiologists to determine what noise frequencies you're struggling with and in what ears. When you have a decent idea of what will be asked of you and how the process goes, you'll be able to be more relaxed during your professional hearing examination.

Stay Calm and Focus

When you're better able to manage your stress going into your hearing appointment, you'll be better prepared to focus on the actual assessment. When you're undergoing the sound portion of the test, you'll need to stay focused and listen for the noises that play. Remember that there's no need to worry about failing.

Even though the perfectionist inside of you may want to pass, that's not going to be helpful for your overall health. Your hearing health is connected to all different aspects of your body. From your mental health to your physical health, your hearing is interwoven, so you owe it to yourself to be fair while taking the test and undergoing the treatments recommended by your hearing care specialist.

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