What is Binaural Hearing?

  1. Binaural Hearing

Binaural hearing is an attribute everyone hopes to possess. However, aging or specific medical issues might threaten your capability to achieve or maintain this benefit. Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invites customers and prospective clients to read the following short piece about binaural hearing and the role hearing aids may play in helping you attain it.

Binaural Hearing

Simply stated, binaural hearing is the capacity to process and hear sounds using two ears. Most people are born with this ability. However, as you age, hearing capabilities can gradually diminish due to numerous causes.

Potential Hearing Loss Causes

Diminished hearing may be precipitated by a host of biological and environmental factors. Hearing problems are less common in youths and younger adults than in aging persons. However, individuals representing such age groups might be impacted by decreased hearing. Often the problem is precipitated by some type of genetic flaw, structural defect, trauma to the ear or surrounding structures, exposure to excessively loud noises or through the contraction of some type of infection.

You are more likely to encounter hearing difficulties you age. Aging is amongst the most common reasons people experience hearing struggles. However, as brings with it an increased risk of contracting several potential hearing-impacting ailments like tumors or other obstructions, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes or the engagement in high risk behaviors such as heavy cigarette smoking for extended durations.

The Role Of Hearing Aids

When individuals experience diminished hearing capacity, it is typically in one ear or is more pronounced in one ear than the other. Specific therapeutic endeavors might be employed by a physician or hearing specialist with designs on helping patients reclaim or improve binaural hearing abilities. That said, such remedial endeavors will greatly depend upon several factors including but not necessarily limited to the patient’s age, the underlying condition precipitating the hearing impairment, as well as the ailment’s severity.

One relatively common form of therapy is the usage of hearing aids. That said, doctors and other audiology professionals typically report that patients who are prescribed only one hearing aid still do not always regain optimal binaural capabilities. It is for this reason that healthcare professionals have been prescribing the use of two hearing aids for patients in question. Each device is specific to the sensitivity and needs of each ear. Those familiar with this practice suggest that participants are able to process sound better and are also often able to comprehend speech with greater efficacy.

Contact Us For Free Testing

If you or a close relation is coping with diminished binaural hearing capability and might benefit from the two hearing aid techniques, the experienced team of hearing care professionals at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invite you to come in for free testing. We may be able to help identify two specific hearing aids that can help you retain optimal binaural hearing.


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