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Listening to Music with Hearing Aids

Can Someone With Hearing Aids Enjoy Music?

Music can impact our moods, our actions, and so much more. From playing upbeat music to get through that grueling workout to creating an atmospheric mood during an intense movie scene, we rely on music to help bring out various aspects of our life. Realize that just because you have hearing aids doesn't mean you can't enjoy music.

How to Listen to Music With Hearing Aids

Most modern hearing aids are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows your hearing aids to make it simple to hear the genre of music you desire. You can wirelessly connect your hearing aids to your smartphone, car stereo, or home stereo, all of which will offer optimal hearing pleasure.

You may find that you struggle with distortion when high sounds or low sounds are present. If you invest in an equalizer, you'll be able to increase or decrease the different sound frequencies. This can allow you to set the sounds you don't have trouble hearing down so that only the sounds you struggle hearing will be amplified.

Some individuals with hearing loss practice enhanced listening to improve their ability to enjoy music. This is a name given to a group of different tactics that help other senses of your body perceive the beat. One example of enhanced listening is turning up the bass in the music so that you feel the vibration in your body. Putting on captions for music videos can help you keep up with the beat and lyrics.

Tips on How to Enjoy Live Music Performances

When it comes to enjoying live music, you don't have to deprive yourself because you have hearing aids. Rather, there are some helpful tips that you can implement so that you can start enjoying more live performances again. First, contact the venue before purchasing your tickets to see if they offer any assistive listening devices.

Try to position yourself away from the stage and any speakers so that you don't receive loud bursts of feedback when the volume suddenly changes during the show. If you have hearing aids that can be controlled via your phone, ensure the application is ready. As the sounds adjust from song to song, you'll be better able to alter your hearing aids to ensure you enjoy a pleasurable listening experience.

One key method for helping to eliminate distortion that the loud parts of live performances may cause is to apply clear adhesive tape. You may need to apply a few layers of tape for this method to be effective. The tape should be applied directly over the microphone on your hearing aids to be effective.

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