Four Places Where You Are Damaging Your Hearing

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) occurs sequentially over time by persistently listening to loud music from headphones and presenting yourself to loud and noisy environments. Sounds beyond 85 decibels are damaging to our sense of hearing.

Fortunately, you can prevent noise-induced hearing loss by minimizing the volumes of your gadgets and avoiding exposure to noisy surroundings especially in these four places which can damage your hearing:


Restaurants and bars are some of the most precarious places for your ears. Booming music and loud conversation are the typical backgrounds at many restaurants and bars.  Boisterous backgrounds cause people to converse loudly with each other. The more people talk louder, the noisier the environment gets.

Instead of frequenting uproarious bars and restaurants, opt for places with minimal noise that have a chill ambience. By doing so you not only protect your ears from NIHL, but also have the opportunity to engage in a conversation properly with your partner because you’ll hear each other clearly and precisely.

Sporting Events

Lately, sports stadiums have the noisiest crowds in history. Although cheering audiences is good for team spirit, it is extremely damaging to the sports fans’ hearing. The risk is even twice for children present at the event.

It’s advisable not to bring children to sporting events to avoid damaging their tender ears. If you plan on bringing them along, have them use noise reducing earplugs to protect their hearing. You should purchase one for yourself as well.


Movies seen in cinemas can get extremely loud.  Aside from the loud music within the movie, your screaming seatmate can also add to the existing noise already, especially at horror movies! Watching in movie theaters is a good experience. However, you should not risk your hearing health and damage it recklessly.


If you’re unfortunate, a single exposure to a loud deafening concert, especially a rock concert, is enough to hasten irreparable harm to nerves in the auditory system. Earsplitting noises coming from the stage playing for a long time destroys the hair cells, causing hearing loss or partial deafness. Remember, a rock concert is between 110 dB and 120 dB, and can peak as high as 140 dB right in front of the speakers. Now that’s too loud!

Protect your ears at all cost. As much as possible, avoid circumstances which can bring damage to your hearing. Always carry noise reducing earplugs with you if you can’t resist patroning loud places. Remember, it’s beneficial to take precautionary measures rather than going through the trouble of treating damaged hearing which is irreplaceable and unrestorable.

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